How to Make Kratom Soaps & Scrubs

Having soaps and scrubs filled with the goodness of kratom is the best treatment for your skin. Buying them can cost you several bucks, and you can be unsure regarding the authenticity of the kratom used in it. So all you can do is perform some DIYs( Do it yourself). You can mix and match several aromas and oil to make it better.

Ingredients for making soaps

  • Buy soap bars.
  • Soap with Glycerine base: 3 cups
  • Lemongrass leaves: ¼ cups.
  • Any essential oil that suits your preference.
  • ½ seaweed oil
  • Kratom powder
  • Trays for soap moulding.

First, saturate the lemongrass and kratom powder in water and simmer it for 15 minutes. Use a ⅛ cup of water for boiling it.

Use the process of a double boiler for warming the base of glycerine cleanser until it is getting completely liquified. Now put all the seaweed powder, oils and herbal infusions into the melted glycerine and make even dissemination of these ingredients. Spread out the ingredients for avoiding clusters. Now blend it into the trays and let it cool.

How to make scrubs

You can make the soap and add some ingredients with the soft granular part that can easily help you to scrub off the dead cells from the skin. You can add coffee, rice, gram flour and similar things to give your soap a scrubbing effect.

Depending on the ingredients you make the soaps. It is quite easy, and moreover, after the solidification, the soap will be ready to use.

These two are the effective ways of making soaps and scrubs. If you want to make a scrubbing paste, then add ingredients with granular consistency along with the kratom powder and oils.

Do a patch test to find out whether the ingredients are compatible with your skin type for avoiding skin allergies.

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