Kratom Experience – How Does Kratom Make You Feel

Kratom is known for its powerful effect of increasing energy level and enhancing the mood and has a significant impact on anxiety. Kratom effect is described with the use of several adjectives like active, strong, happy and firm desire to work. The mind, when consumed kratom, remains calm. Thai workers used to intake kratom so that they can easily work hard throughout the entire day. One can start feeling the effects of kratom after 5 to 10 minutes of its consumption, and it will last for many hours.

Kratom’s effects:

Kratom comes with a euphoric and stimulating effect when you consume a low dose, and if you are making a habit of consuming higher doses, then you will be becoming sedative. There is a compound name mitragynine present in kratom which can stimulate the opiate delta receptors when you are consuming small quantities, but in case of large quantities, its effect increases, so these receptors are similar to those receptors which are used during opiate drugs.

The alkaloids which are related to the psychedelic substances have no psychedelic activity in kratom. This is a dominant effect which is quite similar to that of the opiate drugs, and it also consists of analgesia as well as the suppression effect. It can produce a stimulating and euphoric effect on the consumer and sometimes it is also compared with that of codeine strength.

Women can also take kratom for stimulating the desire which will reduce the erectile problem faced by men. This happens because of anxiety level which can be regulated with the mitragynine compound present in kratom.

Several other effects which can be caused by kratom are:

  • Smoothing muscle tone
  • Local anesthesia
  • Reducing depression by affecting the central nervous system.

This is how a person is going to feel when they are consuming kratom. Though the effects will mainly depend on the type of dose that you are opting for.

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