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Best Canadian and American Kratom Suppliers

Kratom Suppliers

Finding a kratom supplier you can trust is essential to enjoying your kratom experience. There are tons of vendors to choose from online and in-person, but it can be tough to differentiate between various shops. This guide will point you toward nine of the top kratom suppliers in 2020 and provide a brief description of each store’s selection and […]

Best Kratom Capsules

Best Kratom Capsules

How to Find the Best Kratom Capsules The best kratom capsules are not always bought online or in stores. Some individuals opt to make their capsules. This is a very rewarding process that will allow you to know exactly what is going into your capsule.  In this guide, we will discuss the various strains, veins, […]

Different Types of Kratom Strains

types of kratom strains

When you’re looking for kratom products, it can seem like there are near-infinite options to choose from on the market. Part of finding the kratom that is perfect for you is learning more about kratom itself. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of kratom strains, as well as the different colors of […]

Is Kratom Safe?

Is Kratom Safe

The kratom industry is blossoming. A plethora of kratom vendors has opened their shops to provide a wide array of kratom products online and in dispensaries around the country. With this boom in kratom availability, many people are left wondering about whether kratom is legal in their area and whether kratom is safe for their lifestyles. Here, […]

What Is the American Kratom Association?

American Kratom Association

Kratom’s popularity is on the rise, which has caused a spike in online and local retailers who offer kratom products. If you are familiar with kratom products and vendors, you may be used to seeing the acronym “AKA” under a site’s qualifications, but not know what it refers to. This moniker simply refers to the American Kratom […]

Understanding Kratom Veins 

Kratom Veins

The kratom market is booming. You can find shops dedicated to kratom products readily online and in your neighborhood. With so many shops and so many varied products on the market, some individuals may find it hard to differentiate between the different kratom vein strains. To better understand which kratom vein type is right for you, […]

How To Avoid Kratoms Bad Taste

kratom tastes bad

Kratom is a popular substance that is created using dried leaves that are harvested from the Mitragyna speciosa trees. These trees are native to Southeast Asia and are a part of the coffee tree family. Kratom has been used to pursue wellness for a couple of centuries, but some people find that it leaves a […]