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How Much Does Kratom Cost?

How much does kratom cost

Are you also new to the kratom market and not sure of how much does Kratom cost? Well, you are not the only one asking the same question. Kratom prices vary based on several factors, including location, vendor, product, and strains. In this blog, we will discuss the cost of two of the most demanded kratom products – powders and capsules. In addition, we will tell you some of the market’s budget-friendly but high-quality kratom products. So pick up your wallet and get ready for some cost-effective kratom shopping. 

Cost of Kratom Powders

As we mentioned above, the price of Kratom varies among vendors, and that is why you must compare prices to understand the average price of Kratom.

It is almost impossible to compare all the kratom vendors on the market. But here’s a trick for you. Not all the vendors offer genuine and quality Kratom. Therefore, you can filter out these vendors by checking their customer reviews and online reputation. Pick vendors who conduct lab testing on their products to ensure the purity and quality of the Kratom you are purchasing.

We have made it simple for you and researched the top kratom vendors online so that you can better understand Kratom costs. 

Average Prices:

  • 28 grams (1 ounce): The price varied between $7.99 to $14.95. The average Kratom cost was $11.73 per ounce.
  • 250 grams (8 ounces): The price varied between $30.99 and $54.99, with the average cost being $46.31 for 8 ounces.
  • 1000 grams (1 kilo): Pricing for this size ranged from $89.99 to $240, which brought an average of $149.99 per kilo.

When considering these things, the average cost of this red-veined kratom powder is $69.34 per 500mg of powder. 

How much is Kratom powder at OKUSA?

We have added our price guide for the Kratom Powders to ease your search. The Kratom powders at Organic Kratom are made while adhering to the GMP guidelines and ensure 100% purity and potency. 

Kratom Powder Pricing:

  • 60g – $15
  • 125g – $20
  • 250g – $35
  • 500g – $50
  • 1kg – $79

Cost of Kratom Capsules

Capsules are a bit more difficult to compare than powders. Because different vendors offer different quantities. Some list their capsules by grams and others by the number of capsules per bottle.

To conduct this comparison, we took pricing as low as 1 ounce and ranged up to 250 capsules. 

The average price to buy capsules from an online vendor is $35.75. This should get you at least 2 ounces worth of Kratom.

How much is Kratom capsules at OKUSA?

Here are the prices of Kratom capsules at Organic Kratom to help you better understand the pricing and compare them to see where we fall on the scale of average prices for capsules.

  • 250g – $99.99
  • 500g – $159.99
  • 750g – $194.99
  • 1000g – $217.99

Buying Kratom Locally

It is hard to give you an average when it comes to buying Kratom locally. Kratom prices will vary drastically according to the area in which you live and the type of shops available. For example, you may find that rural areas are more expensive because they do not have the options that large cities do when it comes to shops. 

Is Kratom expensive at offline stores?

According to some data we collected and studied, buying Kratom locally will cost, on average, $50 for 30g. This is much higher than what you can source from Kratom online. The cost of Kratom at offline shops will jump because local shops have a lot of overhead to include in their pricing. 

You must consider these things before you buy from local shops. While it is good to support your local retailers, you will pay a much heftier price for their products.

Buying kratom products

Buying Kratom From Organic Kratom USA

Organic Kratom USA is an American Kratom Association-authorized shop. Each product at OKUSA undergoes independent lab testing for 100% safety and quality. From Kratom powders to capsules, you get the most premium Kratom strains at the most competitive pricing. We have already mentioned our average prices for powders and capsules. You can visit our website to buy budget-friendly Kratom products. 

We hope this article has helped you understand the question, “How much does Kratom cost?” If you have any other questions about Kratom’s pricing, do not hesitate to contact us. You can check out our extensive range of premium Kratom products and enjoy our discounts and offers while shopping. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I save money on my Kratom purchase?

You can save money on Kratom by comparing prices from different vendors. For more budget-friendly options, buy from OKUSA in bulk with our wholesale program, use our discount codes, or sign up for our newsletter for exclusive deals. You can even try our variety and sampler packs. 

What else can I buy from Organic Kratom other than powder and capsules? 

You can buy our crushed Kratom leaves along with our premium Kratom capsules and powders. These leaves can be used to make home tea, powder, or capsules.

Can I order Kratom anywhere in the world?

No, it is not possible to order Kratom products to all locations, as many countries have not yet legalized this botanical herb. It is advisable to check your state’s laws regarding Kratom and your vendor’s shipping policy. 

If you are purchasing Kratom from OKUSA, please review our shipping policies to determine which states we can ship our Kratom products to.

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