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Create Your Own Blend

Organic Kratom USA offers a large variety of kratom powders, capsules, and extracts. We also offer some specialty blends that you will not find anywhere else. If you are on the fence about which strain to try, creating your own blend may be the ticket. When you buy from us you are getting the highest quality kratom that the market has to offer. We are a part of the American Kratom Association and ensure all GMP protocols are followed.


One of the most amazing things about kratom is all the options you have available to you. At Organic Kratom USA, we know that sometimes you want to blend the best of two different strains to create your own with an alkaloid profile created just for you. That’s why we offer the option to create your own blend from the green, red, white, and yellow strains we have to offer.

Overview of Blends

When you create your own blend, you can choose from green, white, yellow, or red strains. This allows you to choose two strains with alkaloid profiles you are looking for and blend them together. The different strains offered by Organic Kratom USA are grown on plantations in Southeast Asia.

While each strain is a little different based on where it comes from and how it’s dried, every strain we offer has been harvested by hand. Depending on the strain, they are either fermented and dried in the sun or dried in a temperature-controlled room away from sunlight to help lock in the precious alkaloids that make each strain so unique.

Kratom Blends – What Are They?

Each strain of kratom has its own unique alkaloid profile. This profile is influenced by a few factors, but the biggest is where the kratom was grown. The nutrients from the soil and the environment around it all play a hand in creating a one-of-a-kind kratom strain.

When the strain is harvested also plays a role. White strains are harvested early in the lifecycle of the leaves and tend to be higher in the alkaloid mitragynine than other colors. Green strains are harvested in the middle of the leave’s lifecycle, creating a balance between white and red strains that many people seek out. The red strains are the most mature and are harvested when the leaves have been on the branch the longest, creating a distinctive alkaloid balance. Finally, yellow strains are usually red-veined strains that have fermented and dried in the sun, creating that yellow hue they are so famous for.

Why Buy From Organic Kratom USA?

We are committed to providing our buyers with quality kratom at Organic Kratom USA. To ensure this is possible, we work closely with farmers across Southeast Asia to ensure they process and package our kratom to our high standards.

As an accredited vendor through the American Kratom Association, we also lab test every single batch of kratom that we sell to ensure it’s 100% pure Mitragyna speciosa – kratom.

The final product is pure, high in quality, and safe.

How to Create Your Own Blend

Creating your own blend is easy. Simply choose the green, red, white, or yellow strains you want to include in your blend and the amount you wish to buy. In the order notes before you place your order, simply state the percentage of each strain you wish to have in your blends, such as 20/20/60 Green Thai, White Maeng Da, and Red Horn. You’ll receive your custom kratom blend in a resealable package to ensure it stays fresh and free from contamination.