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Kratom Blends

Organic Kratom USA offers high-quality powders and capsules. If you are looking for something unique you may want to try our blends. Kratom blends are not something that all vendors offer, but we are a very diverse kratom vendor. As a part of the American Kratom Association, we ensure you are getting pure and quality kratom. We adhere to all GMP regulations set by the AKA.


There is only one species of the Mitragyna speciosa tree – more commonly known as kratom. Many people are unaware of this because of the vast number of different strains of kratom that are available, but it is true that they all simply come from one type of tree. What makes strains different is a variety of factors such as the age of the leaves when harvested, where the tree grows, and the type of leaves a tree has.

There’s beautiful biodiversity of kratom that produces all the wonderous strains kratom enthusiasts have come to know and love. When you blend those different strains of kratom to create kratom blends, you take something special and make it even more so.

Kratom Blends – Summary

The red, green, and white-veined kratom that goes into creating custom kratom blends all come from kratom trees. These trees are typically grown on plantations across Southeast Asia, where skilled farmers with generations of knowledge and expertise cultivate the kratom, handpick the leaves at just the right point in their lifecycle, and then dry them to create kratom powder. It’s the drying process used for each type of kratom that helps to lock in the alkaloids, each of which is unique to strains and colors of kratom. Put them together in a kratom blend and you have an even more unique alkaloid profile.

Kratom Blends – What Are They?

Most of the time, one type of kratom is all you get when you purchase kratom. If, for example, you buy Red Indo, what you’re getting is red-veined Indo kratom. But when you purchase a specialty kratom blend, what you’re getting is some sort of mix of red, white, and green-veined kratom specifically put together because of their alkaloid balance to create something new.

Why Buy From Organic Kratom USA?

At Organic Kratom USA, we want to provide the highest quality kratom blends we can to our customers, but we refuse to cut corners to make it happen. We source our organic kratom responsibly, working closely with farmers across Southeast Asia so that we can ensure our quality standards are met at each step of the kratom process.

We are also an American Kratom Association-accredited vendor, which means we adhere to their strict processing and packaging guidelines to make sure you get high-quality, safe, and pure kratom. We ensure this further by putting out kratom through vigorous lab testing procedures.

How to Buy Kratom Blends

If you want to explore the world of kratom blends and add a few to your growing kratom collection, then Organic Kratom USA has a variety of specialty blends we’ve created with our customers in mind. These blends combine the best alkaloid profiles to create something new. You can get:

  • Champagne
  • Golden Bloom
  • Mellow Yellow
  • Morning Sunshine
  • Red Chocolate
  • Red Wine
  • Tropical Krabi Thai
  • White Chocolate
  • White Lightning

We also allow our customers to create their specialty kratom blends! You can purchase these in quantities of 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000-gram resealable bags to keep your kratom blends fresh.

Are you ready to discover the world of kratom blends? Let Organic Kratom USA be your guide and order yours today!