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Kratom Extract

Organic Kratom USA is proud to offer its customers the best kratom extracts that can be found. The extracts offered here are derived from only the highest quality kratom leaves, which are harvested when they are at their peak of maturity. This produces a kratom extract with a potent alkaloid profile that many kratom enthusiasts love to have as a part of their growing kratom collection. We ensure our kratom extract meets our high standards of consistency and quality and we stand behind every drop of kratom extract we sell.

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Kratom Extract

Kratom Extract Powder


Kratom Extracts – Overview

Kratom extracts have the same humble beginnings like any other kratom product sold by Organic Kratom USA. Farmers on plantations in Southeast Asia carefully cultivate the kratom, harvesting the leaves by hand once they’ve reached the appropriate maturity. The kratom leaves are then dried in climate-controlled environments to lock in the alkaloid balance and keep the precious alkaloids from degrading.

Kratom extracts can come in powder form, but the liquid tincture sold by Organic Kratom USA is a concentrated form of kratom that has a much higher alkaloid concentration than other types of kratom preparations. Our tinctures are made from high-quality kratom powder to create a full spectrum kratom extract.

Kratom Extract – What Is It?

As mentioned above, kratom extract is simply a concentrated form of kratom, where the alkaloids have been extracted and all the plant matter has been removed from the kratom itself, leaving behind a tincture. You can find kratom extracts in powder and capsules as well, but Organic Kratom USA likes to provide tincture kratom extract because they are the most robust in their alkaloids. Because they are so concentrated, a little kratom extract goes a long way, too, so it’s a great economical option for many people.

Why Buy From Organic Kratom USA?

Organic Kratom USA believes in delivering only the highest quality kratom products to its customers. We accomplish this by working very closely with kratom farmers across Southeast Asia, so we understand and can oversee how the kratom is treated at each step of the process. We take great pride in ensuring that our kratom is responsibly sourced, too.

As an accredited vendor through the American Kratom Association, we go to great lengths to ensure the quality and purity of our kratom. Every batch of our kratom is tested by a third-party laboratory to be certain that it’s pure and free from contaminants. We also follow the AKA’s strict packaging guidelines, so you know the kratom you buy from us will arrive at your door fresh and free from contamination.

If you’re ever unhappy with any product from Organic Kratom USA, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to all of our customers so you can shop with peace of mind.

How to Buy Kratom Extract

The full-spectrum kratom extract sold by Organic Kratom USA is available in a variety of amounts, so you can find exactly how much you need at a price that you want to pay. Our liquid extract comes in bottles of 10, 50, and 250 milliliters.

Try kratom extract from Organic Kratom USA today and find out why we are the brand trusted by kratom lovers around the world. 

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