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Green Bali Kratom Capsules


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When it comes to kratom, those who love it look for two things: quality and purity. You can rest assured you’re getting both in our Green Bali Kratom capsules.

One of the most popular strains of kratom, Green Bali is known by kratom lovers around the world. However, despite what the name implies, it doesn’t come from Bali at all. Green Bali Kratom is grown in Borneo but uses the port of Bali for exportation which is where the name comes from. This strain of kratom is recognized for its easy accessibility and unique alkaloid profile among green vein varieties of kratom.

Green Bali Kratom – Strain Overview

Green Bali Kratom is a versatile and reliable strain, which is part of why it’s so popular. It has a high concentration of alkaloids, especially when you compare it to other green varieties of kratom. It’s recommended that anyone trying Green Bali for the first time take it slow.

What Is Green Bali Kratom?

The high concentration of alkaloids in Green Bali is what makes it such a popular green strain of the plant. It is made from the leaves of the kratom plant when they are harvested mid-lifecycle. The leaves are then dried and exported. Our Green Bali Kratom capsules have had all stems removed and then ground down into a fine, pillowy powder.

What Makes Our Green Bali Kratom Superior?

If you’ve spent any time shopping around for popular strains like Green Bali kratom, then you know there’s a lot out there to choose from. We separate itself from the competition by not only responsibly sourcing our Green Bali Kratom capsules but also lab-testing our kratom for quality and purity. We never use fillers or additives in our kratom and follow the guidelines of the American Kratom Association, so you know that you are having a product conveniently delivered to your door that will surpass the competition’s in quality every time. Plus, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, further evidence that we are confident you’ll love our Green Bali Kratom capsules. 

Strains Similar to Green Bali Kratom

Due to its popularity, you may find that sometimes your preferred kratom strain is unavailable. If that happens with Green Bali, then we suggest you give these other similar kratom strains a try:

Green Maeng Da Kratom

Green Maeng Da is similar to Green Bali kratom because of its alkaloid profile. While they are grown in different geographic regions, they are harvested at similar points in the life cycle which impacts the alkaloid profile of the leaves. Just be warned that Green Maeng Da may be a bit more potent.

Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom

Another green strain with a similar alkaloid profile, Green Hulu Kapuas is a balanced and clean strain that is very similar to those who love Green Bali.

Green Indo Kratom

Green Indo kratom is incredibly similar to Green Bali kratom but maybe just a bit milder due to alkaloid content.

Options to Buy Green Bali Kratom Capsules

You can purchase our Green Bali Kratom capsules in these weights:

  • 250 grams
  • 500 grams
  • 750 grams
  • 1000 grams

The capsule count of the bottle reflects the total weight of the product. All of our Green Bali Kratom capsules come in size 00 capsules. We never add any fillers or additives to our Green Bali Kratom capsules, so you can rest assured you’re getting nothing but quality, pure kratom in each bottle.

We follow the guidelines of the American Kratom Association, testing for purity and quality in each batch of kratom we deliver conveniently to your door. Pair that with our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and phenomenal customer service and you’ll find that ordering our Green Bali Kratom capsules was a great choice. 

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