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Green Hulu Kratom Powder


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Green Hulu Kratom Powder

Green Hulu Kratom powder, like that offered from OKUSA, is quite a rare treat! This strain isn’t something you can find at just any kratom vendor, but rest assured we can provide you with a steady flow of this enticing green powder due to our established relationships with farmers in Southeast Asia. It’s a great kratom for those who love a good, green-veined variety!

Green Hulu Kratom – What This Strain is All About

For those that can find it, Green Hulu Kratom powder is often a go-to green. In many ways, it’s a perfect strain with an alkaloid profile that is both energizing and relaxing. As a green-veined kratom strain, it is made from leaves that are harvested in the middle of their lifecycles, so it’s a great balance of alkaloids between white and red strains. Still, it is best suited to those with some experience in the kratom realm, not for those just starting to dip their toes in.

Green Hulu Kratom Powder – What Is It?

The Mitragyna speciosa tree is what is more commonly known as the kratom tree, and it grows all over Southeast Asia. The leaves that are turned into Green Hulu Kratom come from trees that grow on the banks of the Kapuas River in Indonesia. This is quite a remote area, so it makes these leaves in particular difficult to harvest – which is why this strain of kratom is so rare and difficult to find during certain times of the year.

Hulu Kratom comes in white, green, and red, each with a specialized alkaloid profile that is influenced not only by the rich soil fed by waters from the river where they grow but also influenced by the time the leaves are harvested. Green Hulu Kratom powder has an alkaloid profile that is right in between white and red.

Why Buy From OKUSA?

OKUSA cares about the kratom we sell. Because of this, we’re very invested in the entire process, from cultivation to convenient delivery right to your doorstep. We have taken the time to establish relationships with the farmers that grow and harvest kratom in Southeast Asia and source all of our kratom products responsibly.

As supporters of the American Kratom Association, we follow their strict guidelines for testing that help us know that we’re offering only the purest, safest kratom to our customers. We lab-test all of our kratom products to ensure that you’re getting the quality we can stand behind. We also never use any fillers or additives in our kratom, which is something not every kratom vendor can say.

How to Order Green Hulu Kratom Powder

OKUSA offers our Green Hulu Kratom powder in several different sizes. You can order as little as 50 grams or as much as 1 kilogram, whatever suits your needs. And just because this kratom is rare doesn’t mean it’s expensive. Our Green Hulu Kratom is offered at competitive prices, just like all of our other kratom strains.

Strains Similar to Green Hulu Kratom

Green Hulu Kratom is one of the hardest to find kratom strains out there. So, if you want to expand your kratom experience with similar strains, then you may want to try:

Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Kratom is easy to find, as it’s a popular strain offered by most vendors – including OKUSA. The alkaloid profile is very similar to Green Hulu Kratom, so it’s something to keep in mind.

White Kapuas Kratom

White Kapuas Kratom is another unique kratom grown in the same way as Green Hulu. The rich soil and environment that feeds Green Hulu are similar to that of White Kapuas, creating a similar alkaloid profile. Because it’s a white strain, it also may be good for those new to kratom to explore.

At OKUSA, the Green Hulu Kratom we offer you is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. Not only are you getting the highest quality kratom you can buy, but we’re so convinced you’ll be satisfied, that we stand behind our product 100%. Order today!

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