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Mitragyna Hirsuta



What Is Mitragyna Hirsuta?

Kratom users that live in areas where kratom has been ban may be looking for an alternative. Mitragyna Hirsuta also provides similar wellness support. The Hirsuta trees are in the same class and family as Mitragyna Speciosa. So, you can see that the two would be similar. However, before starting any new herbs or substances make sure that you consult with your general practitioner.


Hirsuta contains light green leaves and has white veins that run through them. It is smaller than a kratom leaf but will be similar in structure and appearance. Some may even confuse the two leaves at first glance, but they are very different. 

Originates From

Hirsuta is native to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Malaysia. Just like kratom, Hirsuta requires a tropical climate to thrive. In fact, in areas of Asia where kratom has been banned, Hirsuta is very popular.

Lab Test Results For Mitragyna Hirsuta

We test all of our products for salmonella, E.coli, staph, yeast, mold, and to confirm its 100% all-natural Mitragyna Hirsuta. 

What are Mitragyna Hirsuta’s Key Alkaloids

You may be wondering about Mitragyna Hisuta alkaloid profile. It is similar to kratom but it does not contain the two main alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids tend to be the ones that cause issues for kratom. So, Hisuta is more welcomed and widely accessible. The main alkaloid in Hirsuta is called mitraphylline. This alkaloid is also in kratom and cat’s claws. 

America Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association is the main advocacy group for kratom in the United States. They help advocate and lobby against laws that aim to ban kratom. Also, they also have placed regulations for the industry with their GMP protocols. These regulations help ensure that kratom products are high-quality and safe to use before they go to market.

Check out the AKA website to get involved with their latest efforts to keep kratom legal. They are also working with every state to get them to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act will address issues within the kratom industry such as age restrictions and quality control. 

*Before starting any type of supplement, you must consult your general practitioner. Information found throughout our website, emails and other forms of communication from us is for educational purposes only. Kratom is not used to treat, cure, or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use.

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