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Red Elephant Kratom Powder


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Our Red Elephant Kratom Powder is very unique. Many of those in the kratom world love this strain of kratom for its distinctive alkaloid profile, which is why it’s gaining popularity every day. It also happens to be a very rare strain of kratom, since the Mitragyna speciosa trees that produce it do not grow as abundantly as other strains. This is your chance to scoop up this extraordinary kratom powder!

Red Elephant Kratom – Strain Information

Most strains of kratom are named for the area of the world they come from, but Red Elephant Kratom is an exception to that rule. This type of kratom comes from a type of kratom tree that has very large leaves that resemble elephant ears, hence its unique name! It’s thought that these huge leaves create an alkaloid profile that is unlike any other strain.

Red Elephant Kratom – What Is It?

Red Elephant Kratom comes from trees that grow across Southeast Asia, but they are much less common than other types of kratom trees, which is why this strain is so rare. The red-veined leaves used to create this strain are fermented after they’re harvested, which enhances its alkaloid profile. More specifically, it heightens the amounts of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine present in the leaves, which is why this is thought of as a kratom strain with a very robust alkaloid profile.

Why Buy From Us?

We want to provide our customers with the best kratom available and we accomplish this in a few ways. First, we source all of our kratom products responsibly, from farmers we have established relationships with. We know how the kratom is farmed, harvested, and processed so we can ensure quality in each step of the process.

We also lab test all of our kratom products under the guidelines of the American Kratom Association. Third-party labs ensure the quality, purity, and safety of all the kratom we provide to our customers and this creates a consistent product that you can count on time and again.

Finally, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the kratom you order, simply return it!

How to Buy Red Elephant Kratom?

Red Elephant Kratom Powder is available in quantities large and small to our customers. You can purchase quantities as small as 50 grams or as large as 1 kilogram – and quantities in between. You choose the amount you need and it’ll be delivered to your door in our GMP-compliant packaging to ensure freshness.

Strain Similar to Red Elephant

If you love Red Elephant Kratom Powder, you probably know that its rarity can make it difficult to find sometimes. That’s why it’s always good to know what types of kratom powders have a similar alkaloid profile. This is great information to have if you want to branch out and order something new, too.

Strains that are most similar to Red Elephant include:

Green Elephant

It makes sense to stay in the same family of kratom if you find one strain you enjoy, which is why Green Elephant is a great strain for those who like Red Elephant. The leaves for Green Elephant are harvested earlier than Red Elephant, but this kratom still has a very balanced alkaloid profile.

Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da is a popular kratom all on its own and one that we consider to be the closest to Red Elephant. Both have a robust alkaloid composition that many people love, so you can’t go wrong with Red Maeng Da. Just note that Maeng Da kratom powders are better for those with more kratom experience.

Red Bali Kratom

One of the most popular kratom strains out there, Red Bali is something anyone who loves red-veined kratom needs to add to their collection. It has its own alkaloid profile that is unique to the strain but is still very familiar for those who love Red Elephant.

Order your Red Elephant Kratom Powder from us today!

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