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White Chocolate Kratom Powder


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Unlike any white chocolate you’ve had before, our White Chocolate Kratom Powder doesn’t actually have any chocolate in it. What it does have is a robust and unique alkaloid profile that may be unlike anything else currently in your kratom collection. Many kratom lovers are enthusiastic about White Chocolate Kratom because of its deep, rich color and alluring aroma.

White Chocolate Kratom – Strain Overview

Kratom is usually named for the geographic area in which it is grown, but White Chocolate Kratom, as you may have guessed, is a little different. It’s not named for a place, but for the way it is made.

Grown on plantations in Southeast Asia, White Chocolate Kratom is created through a fermentation process. In this case, white-veined leaves are picked from the kratom trees relatively early in their lifecycle, then fermented in a process that turns the veins from white to a deep brown color – like chocolate. The specialized fermentation process not only works to lock in the alkaloids in the leaves but also to transform them, creating a new alkaloid profile that is more robust than before. That’s why this strain of kratom is so popular – when you can find it.

White Chocolate Kratom – What Is It?

White Chocolate Kratom isn’t simply one type of kratom that is fermented to create this strain, it’s a mix of many different white strains that are fermented and then blended to create this distinctive kratom.

All kratom, however, does come from Southeast Asia, where it is grown either on plantations or naturally in the hot, humid forests and jungles of the region. In the rich soil, kratom trees flourish and produce one-of-a-kind kratom strains for the world to enjoy.

Why Buy From Us?

Kratom is something you can buy from many different places, but not all kratom vendors are created equal. We have endeavored to ensure that our customers are satisfied with high-quality kratom products that are sourced responsibly.

We have established working relationships with the farmers who cultivate the kratom we sell so we know how it is grown and harvested to ensure only the best quality. As vendors accredited by the American Kratom Association, we rely on lab testing and transparency to provide pure and safe kratom to our customers.

If you aren’t satisfied with any product you buy from us, you also have 30 days to get your money back. That’s not something you find from every vendor and one of the many things that separate us from the competition.

How to Buy White Chocolate Kratom Powder

We want to make sure there’s a quantity of White Chocolate Kratom Powder that works for you. That’s why you can buy our kratom powder in bags as small as 50 grams or as large as 1000 grams – with many choices in between. You’ll receive your kratom in a resealable bag to ensure freshness and purity.

Similar Strains

White Chocolate Kratom is unique, but if you like its alkaloid balance, then you may also want to consider these other kratom strains:

Red Thai

Red-veined strains like Red Thai are a great alternative to White Chocolate. Usually, white-veined strains have a less robust alkaloid profile, but the fermentation process of Chocolate Kratom makes it more similar to red and Red Thai is a classic choice.

Red Indo

Believe it or not, Red Indo Kratom won’t have as powerful of an alkaloid concentration as White Chocolate, so it’s a good choice if you’re looking for something similar but with a milder balance of alkaloids.

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