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White Kapuas Kratom Powder


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An ocean away, farmers cultivate the rich soil on the island of Borneo to produce some of the best White Kapuas Kratom powder in the world. Fed by the waters of the Kapuas River, the kratom trees that grow White Kapuas have been fed rich nutrients and a variety of minerals to create a distinctive kratom powder, now available to you at our website.

White Kapuas – Strain Overview

The kratom trees that yield White Kapuas are grown on plantations near the sacred banks of the Kapuas River in Borneo. Also sometimes called White Hulu, this kratom has a unique alkaloid profile thanks to the Kapuas River. Once the leaves of the trees are harvested by the farmers, they are dried in the sun. This process helps to lock in the alkaloid levels in the leaves, which are then crushed and turned into the fine powder you are likely familiar with.

White Kapuas – What Is It?

A great strain for those new to the world of kratom, White Kapuas has high concentrations of two particular alkaloids, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitragynine. This is due in part to the soil that trees are grown in and when the leaves are harvested from the tree. White-veined kratom strains such as this one have had their leaves harvested early in the lifecycle, which also contributes to its distinctive alkaloid profile and high levels of certain alkaloids such as mitragynine.

Why Buy From Us?

We care about our customers and the kratom we sell. Our priority is to ensure that you get the purest, safest, and highest quality kratom we can deliver. We have cultivated strong relationships with kratom farmers in Southeast Asia that allow us to know how the kratom is grown, harvested, and dried. This helps us to ensure the quality of what arrives on your doorstep.

We are also accredited by the American Kratom Association. We work hard to maintain this accreditation because it helps customers to feel secure in the products they order and the quality they receive. All of our kratom products are lab tested and packed with safety and purity in mind.

If you are unsatisfied with anything you order from our website, we offer a money-back guarantee for 30 days after your purchase.

How to Buy White Kapuas Kratom Powder?

Our White Kapuas Kratom Powder is available in a variety of quantities. If you need a little, then our 50-gram bag is available. However, if you need a lot, we have kratom powder available in up to 1000-gram bags. All of our kratom products are packaged under GMP protocols and arrive in a resealable bag to help keep them fresh.

Other Strains

If you love the White Kapuas Kratom you have, then you might be questioning what other types to add to your kratom collection. Kratom comes in many different strains, each a little different than the other, but the alkaloid profiles in these strains will be the closest to White Kapuas:

White Borneo

It makes sense that White Borneo would be most like White Kapuas since they come from a very close place geographically. However, you will notice a small difference in the balance of alkaloids in this strain. Still, it’s a great strain of kratom that any kratom lover should add to their collection.

White Thai

The alkaloid profile of White Thai is a little more robust than White Kapuas, but it’s still very comparable. This may be a kratom strain that is best suited to those with more experience in the world of kratom, however.

White Indo

This strain of kratom has a slightly different balance of alkaloids and has a bit of a mild alkaloid profile. White Indo is a great strain for those just starting their kratom collection.

White Kapuas Kratom Powder from our website is a special strain, so make sure to order some today! 

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