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Yellow Vietnam Kratom Capsules


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We are pleased to offer Yellow Vietnam kratom capsules. This rare strain, which hails from Vietnam just as the name implies, has a robust alkaloid profile that distinguishes itself from other kratom strains. Often, the different alkaloid profile is based on the area in which it was grown, which is true of Yellow Vietnam kratom.

Yellow Vietnam Kratom – Strain Overview

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is very similar to a lot of other yellow kratom strains, but there are a few subtleties that separate it from the pack. Positively influenced by the rich land of the Mekong Delta, the alkaloid profile of Yellow Vietnam Kratom is what makes it special and it’s a prized strain popular for its potency.

What Is Yellow Vietnam Kratom?

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is grown near the lush, tropical foliage and fertile soil of the Mekong River. The leaves are harvested from the tree and then fermented through a special two-day process. This is what differentiates yellow kratom from other strains and creates a yellow stem in the process, which is where the term yellow kratom comes from. It further distinguishes itself from other strains by falling between green and red vein strains in its alkaloid profile.

Why Is Our Yellow Vietnam Kratom Unmatched?

Yellow Vietnam Kratom, especially of superb quality and free from fillers, is difficult to find. We responsibly source all of our kratom and are invested in the entire lifecycle of the plant. We care about where it’s grown, who grows it, how it’s harvested and treated after harvest, how it’s dried, and how it’s shipped. Furthermore, we are all in on our production process to deliver a quality kratom product to your door fast and efficiently. With care like that, why would you buy your kratom from anywhere else?

Similar Strains to Yellow Vietnam Kratom

Yellow Vietnam Kratom is popular but can be hard to come across sometimes since it’s so unique. If you are looking for a good replacement strain when you don’t have Yellow Vietnam Kratom, then we suggest you try these similar kratom strains:

Green Vietnam Kratom

Green kratom is harvested at the midpoint of the plant’s lifecycle. The alkaloids aren’t fully developed like would be found in red kratom but are more developed than white. That’s why green varieties of kratom are popular with those new to kratom. And since Green Vietnam Kratom is grown in the same geographic region, you know its alkaloid profile is just as robust – and just as special.

White Vietnam Kratom 

Another kratom strain from Vietnam with a hearty alkaloid profile, White Vietnam Kratom leaves are harvested when the plant is young before the alkaloids are fully developed. This impacts it in a way that many people prefer and makes it great for those new to the world of kratom.

Yellow Maeng Da

Yellow Maeng Da has commonalities with Yellow Vietnam because of color. The leaves, once harvested, are treated in a similar fashion to produce a very comparable alkaloid profile in the kratom. However, there are subtle differences due to where the plant was geographically grown. Still, it’s an excellent replacement strain for those who love Yellow Vietnam.

Options to Buy Yellow Vietnam Kratom Capsules

Our Yellow Vietnam capsules come in a size 00 capsule. It is offered in these bulk weights:

  • 250 grams
  • 500 grams
  • 750 grams
  • 1000 grams

The capsule count in each container is based on total weight.

All veins and stems are removed from our kratom and ground into a very fine powder, unlike the coarse grinds you may find in some other products. We never add fillers or additives to our kratom and operate under the GMP protocols of the American Kratom Association. Pair this with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and outstanding customer service, and you cannot go wrong with your choice of our Yellow Vietnam Kratom Capsules.

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Bulk Weighed Grams

250 grams, 500 grams, 750 grams, 1000 grams

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