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Is Kratom Legal In Alaska?

Is Kratom Legal In Alaska?

If you are planning on an Alaskan adventure this summer you may be wondering, “Is kratom legal in Alaska?” Yes, you can buy kratom in this state. Many states across the nation have banned kratom, but Alaska is not one of them. Alaska is a liberal state and heavily concentrates on individual rights. So, kratom is not an issue for the citizens of Alaska. 

Kratom Legality Status In Alaskashop kratom products

Kratom is legal in Alaska, which means there are no restrictions when it comes to buying, selling, or possessing kratom. So, you should be able to find kratom in some of the local shops. Especially in major cities such as Anchorage, Juneau, Fairbanks, Eagle River, and Badger. Shops that offer kratom include smoke shops, vape shops, dispensaries, specialty shops, and some gas stations. However, you have to consider the quality of the kratom being sold in these shops. For the highest quality kratom, you can opt to buy your favorite strains online. 

Classification Of Kratom In Alaska

Now that you know the answer to, “Is kratom legal in Alaska?” You may be wondering if kratom is classified in this state. No, there are no laws surrounding kratom in this state. Nor is there any controversy that would cause a ban in the future. As stated above, kratom is one of those things that Alaska officials allow their citizens to make their minds up about. 

Where Can You Buy Kratom In Alaska?

Kratom is offered in many vape shops, smoke shops, and specialty shops across Alaska. If you live remotely you may find that it is easier to buy your kratom online and have it shipped to your home. Below we will highlight some of the shops that offer kratom. 

Alaska Kratom Vendors

Planet X Vapor & Smoke Shop 

  • 900 W. Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99503
  •  991 S. Hermon Road Suite 100B, Wasilla, AK 99654

Blazing Smokes

  • 6408 Debarr Road, Anchorage, AK 99504

Smokin Deals Too

  • 2521 Mountain Village Dr, Wasilla, AK 99654


  • 1900 Crest St #109, Juneau, AK 99801

Discount Smoke Shop

  • 340 Evergreen Ave, Palmer, AK 99645

The Smoke Shop

  • 334 Old Steese Hwy, Fairbanks, AK 99701

Buying Wholesale Kratom In Alaska

If you are looking to offer kratom to your customers and want to find a company that offers wholesale you could start by contacting some of the above store locations. Some shops will offer other vendors wholesale pricing. 

If this is not a viable option then you can turn to some online vendors. Online vendors tend to be the best source for wholesale kratom, as they are working directly with kratom farmers. Their products will be fresh and of high quality. Plus, most online vendors will conduct third-party lab testing on their products. This ensures that you are getting a product that is pure and safe for your consumers to use. 

Googling wholesale kratom will bring up a lot of different options for you. Just make sure that you do your homework on the companies to ensure you are getting a high-quality product to offer your customers. 

Can You Find Kratom Plants For Sale In Alaska?

Kratom originates from Southeast Asia and thrives in a tropical climate. The chances of you finding kratom plants for sale in Alaska are not

likely. Kratom is hard to grow and the seeds must be fresh when you plant them or they will not survive. This means that the seedlings need to be planted within days of leaving the host tree.

Can You Order and Ship Kratom To Alaska?

Yes, a lot of people prefer to order online and have their products shipped to their homes. Online vendors tend to have better pricing because they do not have the overhead that brick-and-mortar stores have. Also, online vendors conduct testing on their products. This proves the quality and purity of their kratom. So, buying online is often the best way to go. Especially if you live in remote parts of Alaska where there are not very many shops. 

Can You Grow Kratom In Alaska?

No, kratom seeds would not thrive in Alaska. So, it is not a good idea to try. Kratom plants require tropical weather to thrive. Plus, kratom is extremely hard to grow because the seeds need to be fresh to survive. This means that they need to be planted within a few days of leaving the host tree. The chances of getting fresh seeds in Alaska are not good. 

Can Kratom Become Illegal In Alaska?

Anything can change but at the moment it does not look like officials are too worried about kratom. So, the chances of it becoming illegal are slim. 

American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association advocates for kratom. They have been very successful in their efforts. Also, the AKA has put in place some regulations for vendors who would like to be endorsed by them. To gain this endorsement, vendors must comply with GMP protocols. These protocols help ensure that quality kratom is coming to market. 

The AKA is also working with each state to get them to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act will help address issues within the industry, such as age restrictions and labeling. To find out more about the active efforts of the American Kratom Association check out their website. 

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act was created to help regulate the kratom industry. The issue with kratom is that the industry lacks regulations and this is why some states have chosen to label kratom as a Schedule I drug. 

The KCPA will address several issues including:

  • Labeling products correctly. 
  • Restrictions on the sale of products. 
  • Address penalties for vendors who do not comply with regulations. 
  • Proper registration for selling kratom products. 

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