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Kratora Vendor Review – What You Should Know


Kratora is no stranger to the kratom industry. This company has been at the top of every kratom user list for some time. However, what type of service and products do they offer? This review will give you an inside look at Kratora and the products they offer. By the end, you will be able to decide if this is a company you want to try. 

Kratora – Who Are They? buy kratom

Kratora was launched in 2013. This was early on in the kratom industry. They have quickly become known as one of the best vendors in the kratom industry. They work directly with Indonesian farmers to produce and provide the highest quality kratom. 

They have worked hard to ensure there is a secure supply chain flowing to their distribution center in California. Their main office is located in Texas. Kratora has a well-laid-out website that is easy to navigate through. They have an active blog, which is a good sign that this company cares about its customers. 

Are They AKA Accredited?

Kratora is not currently endorsed by the American Kratom Association. Oddly, a company with such popularity has not taken the necessary steps to be associated with the AKA. After all, the AKA is a gold standard in the kratom industry. 

Kratom is legal on a federal level. However, each state must make its own decision on whether or not to allow kratom. The AKA has set up GMP regulations for vendors to comply with. These standards ensure customers are getting access to safe kratom. 

We are a reputable member of the AKA. We comply with all industry standards and lab test our products. This ensures you are getting the highest quality kratom in the industry. You only want to deal with vendors who are part of the AKA, as this proves that they are following industry standards. 

What Products Do They Sell?

You will find that Kratora has a large selection of kratom extracts, powders, and capsules. In addition to kratom, they also offer CBD, Sakae Naa, Muira Puama, Mitragyna Hirsuta, Kava Kava, Kanna, Blue Lotus, and Akuamma Seeds. If you are looking for a vendor who offers more botanicals than just kratom, then Kratora may be the one for you! 

Kratom Powder Options:

Kratom Capsule Options:

They also offer Ulta Enhanced Indo, Ultra Enhanced Maeng Da, and Super Enhanced Bali. Kratora offers extract powder in 25X and 50X strengths. If you prefer liquid extract they also have 10ml bottles available in red and green vein options. 

One alarming issue that we found is the fact that you can navigate to products according to the effects that they offer. This is something that is heavily frowned upon by the FDA. They shut kratom companies down for this type of behavior. So, you may want to consider this before ordering. You do not want to order from a vendor that could be shut down next week. 

How Much Does It Cost?

While price should not be the only factor you look at when exploring a vendor’s website, we understand that it could be a deciding factor if it comes down to a few different vendors. Below we will go over the pricing of Kratora’s products. 

Kratom Powder is offered in 1oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 1 pound packages. They do not streamline their pricing, so each strain could hold a different price tag based on how popular the strain is. Kratora offers stem and vein kratom for $8.99 an ounce and the price goes up to $107.99 for a pound. Their Maeng Da strain starts at $19.99 an ounce and goes up to $229.99 for a pound. 

Kratom capsules are offered in 1oz and 4oz packages. Their capsules contain 0.72 grams of kratom. Capsules cost between $16.99 to $93.99. Again, the price is based on the strain. 

Liquid extracts are $19.99 for a 10ml bottle. 

As you can see, their prices are not the best in the industry. The fact that they charge more for some strains can sting a customer and also deter them from trying something new. We offer consistent pricing for all of our products. This means that you can choose a product based on your needs rather than a price tag. 

What Are Customers Saying?

Kratora has more than 1300 reviews on TrustPilot. They have maintained a 4.6 overall rating, which is good. Most reviews are positive, as they mention the quality of products and friendly staff. The one thing that was consistently mentioned was the high prices. 

Originally, this company came highly recommended by customers. However, there has been a negative trend surrounding this company. Many Reddit users have theorized that the company must be having some internal issues as the recent comments have not been positive. 

Refund Policy

Kratora will accept any purchase back for a refund, but there must be at least 75% of the product left. Customers are responsible for shipping charges. 


This company offers UPS or USPS as their shipping options. If you select USPS you can choose from priority express, priority, and first class. For those who select UPS, you can choose next-day air saver, second-day air, or ground. These options are pretty standard for the kratom industry. 

Conclusion Buy Kratom - Kratom Strains - Shop Kratom powder

Kratora is not an AKA endorsed vendor and this should play as a red flag for avid users. You only want the best quality kratom. While there are some good reviews for this company, there are several negative ones that lead us to believe the company is dealing with some internal issues. 

We are a member of the AKA and proves the quality of our products through lab testing. We offer a large line of strains in all vein colors and have consistent pricing among our products. Our customer support team is always ready to help you with any issues or questions that you may have. Visit our blog where we publish content each week to keep our customers up to date on industry news. 

Be sure that you do your homework before purchasing with a vendor. We hope that this review has helped you see Kratora and what they have to offer. 

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