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Is Kratom Legal In Colorado?

Is kratom legal in Colorado?

Are you planning a vacation out west this year? You may be wondering, “Is kratom legal in Colorado?” Kratom is legal in all areas of Colorado except for the towns of Monument and Parker. In addition, there are special labeling requirements for kratom in the Centennial State. Let’s learn more about the legalities of kratom in Colorado.

Kratom Legality Status In Colorado

Colorado allows the use of kratom. However, kratom is illegal in Monument and Parker. Also, the law state that all products must be labeled, “not intended for human consumption.” Vendors are forbidden from offering advice or recommendations to customers. While this may seem like a lot of restrictions to keep up with, kratom users find them better than a ban. 

You will find it stocked in smoke shops, vape shops, specialty shops, dispensaries, and some gas stations. Especially in heavily populated areas such as Colorado Springs, Thornton, Aurora, Lakewood, and Fort Collins.

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Classification Of Kratom In Colorado

In 2017, Denver placed restrictions on the selling of kratom within city limits. Kratom products can still be purchased here, but the packaging must be labeled “not for human consumption.” 

Then in 2018, one of the metropolitan areas in Denver, Castle Rock, issued a temporary ban. The ban was met to only last for six months why authorities had time to decide if it would remain legal. In 2019, came forward with their decision. They kept kratom legal. The only restriction is you must be 18 or older to buy kratom in Castle Rock. 

In October 2019, Parker became the first Colorado town to ban kratom sales. The town council made their decision according to FDA recommendations. They backed their claims with references from the Mayo Clinic and Poison Center complaints. Within a month Monument followed in Parker’s footsteps and decided to also place a ban on kratom products. 

At this time, there are no other towns in Colorado that are attempting to ban kratom. 

Where Can You Buy Kratom In Colorado?

Now that you know the answer to, “Is kratom legal in Colorado?” You may be wondering what type of local shops offer kratom products. You should be able to find kratom in local smoke shops, vape shops, specialty shops, dispensaries, and some gas stations. However, be aware that the quality may not be as good as online products

If you are looking to grab some kratom locally you could try out some of the locations below. 

Colorado Kratom Vendors

Colorado Kratom Imports

  • 6221 S Santa Fe Dr unit a, Littleton, CO 80120

Aurora Head Shop

  • 15102 E Hampden Ave suite a, Aurora, CO 80014

Cloud Kratom

  • 10990 Newland St, Broomfield, CO 80020


  • 3124 S Parker Rd unit c, Aurora, CO 80014

Kiody Kratom

  •  3902 Maizeland Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Kratom Cafe USA

  • 7701 Ralston Rd A, Arvada, CO 80002

Buying Kratom Wholesale In Colorado

If you are looking to add kratom to your line of products you may be able to work with some local vendors. However, not all local vendors will be able to offer you bulk pricing. So, you may be better off checking with some online vendors. 

Online vendors tend to have more selection and better pricing. They do not have the overhead that local stores do. This is why they can offer kratom products at a better price. Plus, most online vendors will work directly with kratom farmers. This means that you will be getting a better-quality product. Just weigh all of your options and select a wholesaler that suits your needs. 

Can You Find Kratom Plants For Sale In Colorado?

Kratom seedlings need to be fresh when they are planted. For this reason alone, you will not be able to find kratom plants for sale in Colorado. Nothing is impossible but it is extremely hard to grow kratom. You need to have the right climate to offer your plants. You will not find kratom plants for sale anywhere in the United States. 

Can You Order and Ship Kratom To Colorado?

Yes, kratom vendors will comply with all state laws. So, this means you can buy kratom online and have it shipped anywhere in Colorado except for Monument and Parker. Many people opt to buy their kratom products online because they have a larger selection and it is cheaper. Most online vendors will also offer lab tested kratom. Lab testing is very important because it proves the purity of your kratom and it also checks for contaminates. 

Can You Grow Kratom In Colorado?

There are no laws stating that you cannot grow kratom in Colorado. However, the climate is not right in this area for kratom to thrive. So, it will be very difficult to successfully grow a kratom plant in this area. Do be advised that if you live in Monument and Parker you should not try growing kratom. Even a kratom plant could cause legal issues. 

Can Kratom Become Illegal In Colorado?

Anything is possible, but the AKA is working to get Colorado to adopt the KCPA. This act will improve the industry while also eliminating kratom bans. So, the future for kratom across the nation looks bright because of the KCPA. 

The American Kratom Association

Support is so important in the kratom world. When it comes to bans your support does matter. Officials can often be swayed by hearing your accounts with kratom. The American Kratom Association acts as the main source of support for kratom users within the USA.

They have put in place GMP regulations for kratom vendors to comply with. To be part of the AKA a vendor must pass a strict third-party audit and follow GMP protocols. 

The AKA is working with all states when it comes to the KCPA. Their hope is to diminish kratom bans and place more regulations on the industry. Check out the AKA website to follow their progress.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

The KCPA was designed to place regulations and deter kratom bans. Kratom is a natural herb but often gets deemed as a synthetic drug. The KCPA will help address many issues within the industry.

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We are a part of the AKA. We offer our customers quality products along with exceptional customer support. If you have any questions when shopping on our website please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer a vast line of kratom powders and capsules among all the different vein colors. 

We hope this blog has helped answer the question, “Is kratom legal in Colorado?”

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