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Kratom Vs Ashwagandha: Similarities and Differences

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When choosing to live an alternative lifestyle you can learn about a lot of interesting herbs. These herbs can offer wellness support and balance. Today we are going to look at kratom vs ashwagandha. Both possess some similarities and some differences.

What Is Kratom?

Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as kratom, is a tree that is native to Southeast Asia. It is closely related to the coffee family. The leaves of the kratom plant are harvested and ground into an ultra-fine powder.

There are 4 different vein colors, which include red, green, white, and yellow. Red is the most mature leaf, while white is the youngest. Green vein kratom falls between red and white. Yellow vein kratom is the product of a specialized drying process. It does not occur naturally. So, it will begin its life as a different vein color.

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In addition to the vein colors, kratom also comes in various strains. The strains are offered across the various vein colors. The most popular strains include Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali, and Malay.

Kratom has been used for centuries in Asian culture. It is legal here in the United States, but some areas have banned kratom. Kratom faces many legal issues. This is mainly because there is not enough scientific research behind this herb, and the industry lacks regulations.

What Is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is the root of the Withania Somnifera plant. It is classed as an adaptogen. This herb has also been called Indian ginseng. This Ayurvedic herb has been utilized in India for medicinal purposes. It has also gained popularity in the USA as a herbal supplement.

Adaptogens have the special ability to provide different levels of wellness support according to the needs of its user. This is very different from kratom. They gained their name as Adaptogens because they allow the body the chance to adapt to specific situations.

Adaptogens have been used to help improve hormone imbalances, as well as improve other imbalances within the body. It will all depend on your needs and what you are looking for in an herb. Ashwagandha has been used for many years and is hailed as a top herbal supplement in the natural living world.

Kratom Vs Ashwagandha

Kratom and Ashwagandha are very different. Here we will look at their similarities and differences.


They both originate overseas. However, kratom is native to Southeast Asia, whereas Ashwagandha comes from India, the Middle East, and some parts of Africa.


Kratom comes from the coffee family, whereas Ashwagandha comes from the tomato family. You can see both are very different. Coffee tends to stimulate. Tomatoes are a veggie that has great nutritional value.

Also, kratom is harvested from the leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. Ashwagandha comes from the roots of the Withania Somnifera plant. So, you can see that they come from two very different parts of their plants.


Kratom is available in powder, capsules, extracts, gummies, shots, and tablets. Ashwagandha comes in gummies, capsules, liquid drops, and powders. You can see that both have some of the same forms, so this is a similarity that they share.

Support Offered

Kratom works with the opioid receptors in the brain. Ashwagandha provides more subtle support. You may not notice the support you are receiving with Ashwagandha for a few days. This is not the case with Kratom. You will be able to get support immediately.

It will all depend on the type of support you are seeking. Kratom can be intense as it is packed with robust alkaloids. As mentioned above, Ashwagandha is subtle and may take a few days to realize the support you are getting from this herb.

No matter what herbal supplement you decide to go with, always talk to your physician first. They will be aware of your medical history and be able to guide you in which herbal supplements would work best for you.

You will find a lot of anecdotal reporting online for both of these herbs. However, you should never take this advice as safe. Your physician is the only one who can guide you on these types of supplements. Since both herbs lack scientific research it will be important that you talk with your physician about them before making a purchase. After all, you do not want to experience any type of interaction with the current medications that you are taking.


Kratom has faced many legal issues not only in the USA but worldwide. This herb has been banned in many different areas. However, there is a fight to stop these bans and help improve the kratom market. The American Kratom Association is working to help improve the regulations to ensure the kratom coming to market is safe. They are also hoping to get all states to adhere to the KCPA. It will put in place age restrictions, proper labeling, and much more.

Ashwagandha does not face the legal issues that kratom does. So, if you live in an area where kratom is illegal you may see if Ashwagandha would be an alternative herb for you to try. It will all depend on the support you are seeking. However, do not make these decisions on your own. Be sure you seek the advice of your physician.

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Final Note

Kratom vs Ashwagandha holds a lot of differences. There is some anecdotal reporting that shows people using these two herbs together but we never advise this. We ask that you check in with your physician before making any purchase of alternative supplements such as kratom and ashwagandha. You never want to cause issues with the current medications you are taking or medical conditions that you are being treated for.

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