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Submit an ‘order note’ during the checkout process with your desired % rate of each strain. Example: 50/50 (red vein/white vein)

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Product Description

Our custom blend allows you to choose 4 strains and the amount of each to create a one-of-a-kind kratom product. Strain amounts will be equal parts and will come as a single blend in one container. Unless you make it known, we will use equal parts of each strain to create your blend. So, if you have a preference on the percentages used we will need you to make a note during the checkout process. Please note the percentage of each strain as the following: 50/50 (red vein/white vein) or 20/30/50 (Green Bali/White Horn/Red Maeng Da).

American Kratom Association

The AKA has put in place GMP protocols for vendors to comply with. While they are not mandated, all vendors that want to be associated with the American Kratom Association must comply with them. These regulations ensure that kratom coming to market is unadulterated and of high quality. It makes it safer for consumers to enjoy their kratom products. 


The AKA is also well known for working with state officials to help with kratom laws. They have been successful in overturning kratom bans, and are working hard to get all states on board with the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act will address a lot of issues within the industry and help make it safer for consumers and vendors. 

Choose Us!

If you are looking for high-quality kratom, you have come to the right place. We follow all GMP regulations and conduct lab testing on our products. We offer popular strains including Maeng Da, Thai, Borneo, and much more. You can find both powders and capsules here. Allowing you to choose a kratom product that best suits your needs. Let us know if you need any help when shopping on our site. 

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Additional information

Green Strains

None, Green Bali, Green Borneo, Green Emerald, Green Horn, Green Hulu, Green Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Riau, Green Sumatra, Green Thai

Red Strains

None, Red Bali, Red Bentuangi, Red Dragon, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, Red Vietnam

White Strains

None, Super White Borneo, White Bali, White Elephant, White Hulu, White Maeng Da, White Sumatra, White Thai

Yellow Strains

None, Yellow Hulu Kapuas, Yellow Maeng Da, Yellow Sunda, Yellow Vietnam


100g, 250g, 1kg( 1000g)

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