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Champagne Kratom Powder


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What Is Champagne Kratom?

Our Champagne kratom is a blend of whites, reds, and yellow strains. Champagne is one of the best kratom blends available. This blend is packed with flavonoids and alkaloids, which give it a potency that is not found in other strains. 

How Is Champagne Kratom Made?

Since this strain is a blend of different kratom strains it would require the leaves to be dried and then being ground into powder. The various powders can then be mixed to make this superior strain. 

Active Alkaloids

Champagne kratom is noted for the following alkaloids: Mitraphylline, mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, and mitragynin.

The American Kratom Association

The AKA is known for actively supporting kratom throughout the USA. This group is also known for its active efforts towards regulating the industry. They have put in place GMP standards for vendors to follow. These regulations help address issues that the market currently has. To help improve the market they designed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. It will help address fines, proper labeling of products, and so much more.

Choose Us!

We strive to offer you quality kratom. We are a proud member of the AKA and comply with all their regulations. Not only do we have amazing kratom products but also the best customer support in the industry. 

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