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Green Horn Kratom Powder


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Green Horn Kratom Powder

Our Green Horn Kratom Powder is a popular pick. As an uncommon strain, its rarity and unique alkaloid profile make it highly popular among those who love kratom. It has a crisp aroma that resembles fresh-cut grass. This attribute has many loving the Green Horn kratom strain. 

Green Horn Kratom – Strain Information

Green Horn Kratom is sourced from some of the rarest kratom leaves on the planet, which makes it one of the rarer strains of kratom available. Thanks to our established partnerships across Southeast Asia, we’re able to bring you high-quality and pure Green Horn Kratom to add to your kratom collection.

Green Horn Kratom – What Is It?

While many strains of kratom are named after the place they’re cultivated, Green Horn Kratom is a little different. It’s a green-veined kratom, like other strains you may be familiar with, but the leaves have distinctive spikes that look like little horns, which is what gives this kratom its unique moniker.

This type of kratom is grown throughout Indonesia, but since it’s so rare, it is also high in demand. It differs from other strains of green-veined kratom in that the leaves are fully mature when they’re harvested. Typically, only red-veined kratom is harvested when it’s at its most mature, but Green Horn has its own unique alkaloid profile that separates it from red-veined as well as other green-veined kratom varieties.

Why Buy From Us?

We invest ourselves in not just the customer service we deliver and the high quality of product, but also in the way our kratom is sourced and treated. We responsibly source all our kratom and have established relationships with the farmers that supply us. We know how the leaves are treated after they’re harvested and what they go through before they reach your doorstep.

We also support the American Kratom Association and follow their guidelines that govern lab-testing for purity, quality, and safety. We pride ourselves on our transparency so that you know every order meets or exceeds the guidelines of the AKA. We never use any fillers or additives, either – you simply get 100% pure Green Horn Kratom Powder.

How to Order Green Horn Kratom Powder?

We offer our Green Horn Kratom Powder in several different sizes to suit your needs. Our kratom comes in quantities as small as 50 grams and can be purchased up to 1 kilogram. Our packaging is resealable and UV resistant, too, so that your kratom powder stays fresher for longer!

Strains Similar to Green Horn Kratom

Green Horn Kratom is so unique that it’s tough to find a kratom strain that mimics its alkaloid profile exactly, but some come close! If you like Green Horn Kratom but you’re unable to get your hands on it or you want to expand your kratom horizons, then you may want to explore these other kratom strains:

Red Maeng Da

It makes sense that because Green Horn kratom is sourced for mature leaves that a red-veined strain would get you a fairly close alkaloid profile. Red Maeng Da is another very popular strain of kratom with a long-lasting alkaloid profile that remains balanced. It’s not a good choice for those new to kratom, as its robust alkaloid require a bit more experience.

Red Jambu

Red Jambu kratom may be another strain that you’ve never heard of before! It’s also a rare strain but it has an uplifting alkaloid profile just like Green Horn. So, if you come across Red Jambu and you like Green Horn, then snatch some up for your kratom collection.

White Maeng Da

Maeng Da on its own is a very popular strain of kratom, as previously mentioned, so it’s always a good choice whether you choose green, red, or white! White Maeng Da may seem as if it has a bit of a weaker alkaloid profile than red or green, but Maeng Da manages to keep its strong alkaloid profile throughout all its colors, including white. So, it may be a great foray into the world of Maeng Da and Green Horn kratom.

We back all of our kratom products with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Order your Green Horn Kratom Powder today and rest assured that you will receive a high-quality kratom powder that will make you happy – or your money back!

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