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Mellow Yellow Kratom Powder


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When it comes to kratom, there is no shortage of variety, but some strains are rarer than others. Yellow kratom is a strain of kratom that doesn’t occur naturally but instead goes through a specialized drying process to create truly exceptional kratom. Our Mellow Yellow Kratom Powder is a unique blend of yellow kratom strains that cannot be found anywhere else. The robust alkaloid profile found within it is something kratom enthusiasts everywhere seek out, so make it a part of your collection today.

Mellow Yellow Kratom – Strain Overview

Mellow Yellow isn’t simply one type of kratom, it’s a mix of our premium yellow-veined kratom strains. We work closely with farmers across Southeast Asia to produce our yellow-veined kratom, which is created through a special drying process.

The kratom leaves we use are grown on plantations, where skilled farmers handpick the leaves when they’ve reached full maturity. The leaves are then washed and fermented, which is a process where they are dried in the sun. The exposure to sunlight at this crucial juncture changes the alkaloids in the leaves, converting the alkaloid mitragynine to 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is abundant in yellow-veined strains. It’s then left for two days before being crushed and ground into a fine powder. We create our unique Mellow Yellow blend from a variety of these yellow-veined kratom powders.

Mellow Yellow – What Is It?

Yellow-veined kratom is the crown jewel in any kratom lover’s collection. That’s because it far rarer than any other type of kratom and is the result of manipulating what Mother Nature has given us to make an even better product.

Red-veined kratom leaves are made into yellow-veined kratom through the drying process. The chemical changes that then take place make the alkaloid profile of yellow kratom unique. Many compare its alkaloids to a mix of white-veined and green-veined kratom, with few characteristics of the alkaloids present in red-veined kratom thrown in. Mellow Yellow Kratom Powder essentially encompasses all of the best qualities of each color of kratom.

Why Buy From Us?

Quality, purity, and safety are our priorities. That’s why we responsibly source all the kratom we produce, working closely with farmers across Southeast Asia to produce some of the best kratom products in the world. We ensure our high standards and quality guidelines are followed at each step of the process, to create a superior final product for our customers.

As accredited vendors through the American Kratom Association, we also lab-test all the kratom we sell through independent third-party labs to ensure its quality and safety. Our processing and packaging procedures follow the strict guidelines of the AKA as well to make sure you receive kratom that is free from contamination and fresh.

We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re ever unsatisfied with the kratom you buy.

How to Buy Mellow Yellow Kratom Powder

You can purchase our Mellow Yellow Kratom Powder in a variety of quantities to suit your needs as well as your bank account. We sell 100 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, and 1000-gram bags of our kratom powder that is packaged under GMP guidelines.

Similar Strains

If you’re looking for similar strains to Mellow Yellow, you may not be able to find something just like it – but you can come close with some strains of kratom. Put these kratom strains on your list to explore:

Yellow Maeng Da

Another yellow-veined variety, Maeng Da kratom is some of the most robust kratom powders you can purchase. It is created from the best of the best when it comes to kratom leaves, with farmers only using the leaves that have the strongest, most mature alkaloids to create this kratom, which is then dried in the same way as the strains that comprise Mellow Yellow.

Red Thai

If you’re looking for something a little more mainstream, then give Red Thai Kratom a try. This kratom is made from mature leaves that are sourced in Thailand, where the rich nutrients from the soil in the hot, humid jungles create a unique strain of kratom.

What are you waiting for? Add Mellow Yellow Kratom Powder to your collection today!

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