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White Thai Kratom Powder

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There are many different strains of kratom for sale, but Organic Kratom USA’s White Thai Kratom Powder is special. It’s a subtle kratom powder with a very balanced alkaloid profile, which is why it’s also one of the most popular kratom powders we sell.

White Thai Kratom – Strain Summary

What makes White Thai so special? Part of it is where it comes from in the world! Grown in the hot, humid climate of Thailand on specialized kratom plantations, this strain is harvested when the leaves are young, earlier in the lifecycle than green or red-veined varieties.

It is then dried in an air-conditioned room away from sunlight, which helps to preserve the alkaloids in the leaves. If it were dried any other way, it can change the alkaloids, which is one of the reasons why you only want to buy from vendors like Organic Kratom USA who source their kratom from farmers with experience and skill. It is through this specialized drying phase that the alkaloids in the kratom take their truest form, which is what makes each particular strain so diverse and incomparable to any other.

Kratom is a tree that grows in the wilds of Indonesia and beyond, but most of the farmers that harvest kratom have their own plantations to grow the quality of the kratom they desire and manage the cultivating practices how they best see fit. This ensures that customers get the best quality kratom.

White Thai Kratom – What Is It?

While this strain of kratom may start like a lot of other strains, there are some things that set it apart from other kratom strains. This white-veined strain is perhaps the most versatile of Thai kratom in general, with an alkaloid content higher in mitragynine than some other strains and a lower concentration of the alkaloid 5-hydroxymitragynine. A balance of these alkaloids is what each strain has to offer and why you can find so much variety in the kratom world, even among the different vein colors of the same strain of kratom.

Why Buy From Organic Kratom USA?

Organic Kratom USA prides itself on providing high-quality, lab-tested kratom that is grown by trusted farmers in Southeast Asia. We source all of our kratom responsibly, ensuring that you not only receive a quality product but also that your products are harvested in a way that takes care of the land and the people who work so hard to make the kratom you love.

As an accredited vendor of the American Kratom Association, we also use a third-party lab to test every batch of kratom sold for quality, purity, and safety. It’s also packaged under GMP guidelines to ensure it stays free from contaminants and arrives to you fresh. We never use any fillers or additives in our kratom, either.

We know you’ll love the kratom you get from Organic Kratom USA, but just in case you need more reassurance, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Buying White Thai Kratom Powder

Organic Kratom USA offers our White Thai Kratom Powder in a variety of quantities to suit your needs as well as make your wallet happy. You can buy up to 1000 grams or as little as 50 grams. All our kratom powders arrive in a resealable bag to keep your kratom fresh and free from contaminants.

Similar Strains

If you are a fan of kratom, then you likely are always looking to expand your kratom collection. If you use White Thai as a comparison, then you can branch out to other strains that are not quite identical but still very similar, such as:

Green Thai

If you love a kratom strain in one color, then it makes sense that another vein color would be similar. You may not want to make the jump from white to red-veined Thai, so go with the balanced alkaloid content of Green Thai instead.

White Borneo

This is a strain very similar to White Thai, but perhaps with an alkaloid profile that isn’t quite as potent. White Borneo is a good kratom for those who are new to the kratom world.

White Maeng Da

Maeng Da kratom has one of the most robust alkaloid profiles around, so it’s not a kratom for those just learning about kratom. However, if you know and love White Thai, then White Maeng Da is probably right up your alley.

Order your White Thai Kratom Powder from Organic Kratom USA today. 

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    This is a fantastic product. Good quality for the price. I’ll be back for more 🙂

  2. jcizme (verified owner)

    High quality and great price. The shipping is fast and even the packaging is perfect.

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