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Red Maeng Da vs Red Borneo: A Comparison Of Strains

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Kratom comes in many different strains, which can be confusing for newbies. However, taking some time to understand the strains will help you narrow down which strain can offer the wellness support you are seeking. Red-veined kratom is very potent and tends to be a top choice among kratom enthusiasts. Today we are going to do a comparison of Red Maeng Da vs Red Borneo. 

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Maeng Da has been hailed as one of the most potent forms of kratom. Its name comes from Thailand and means “pimp grade” which gives the impression that this strain is very potent. Red Maeng Da is a product of a grafting process. 

Grafting is when two plants are combined to make a new strain. This makes it more complex and is known to have one of the most potent alkaloid profiles. 

Throughout the year kratom has been utilized in Asian culture. It has green leaves that will transform into a reddish hue. These leaves are affected by weather elements during harvest.

The leaves have hit optimal maturity levels when harvested. They will then be crushed and packaged. 


We briefly mentioned above that Red Maeng Da is the product of grafting two strains. The origins of this strain are not known, but the rumors say that this strain was first mentioned in Thailand. The Mitragyna speciosa trees are prevalent throughout Asia. The kratom plant will thrive in warm climates. Skilled farmers were able to create Red Maeng Da through advanced grafting methods. 


Red Maeng Da is highly acclaimed, but Maeng Da is also offered in green, white, and yellow vein colors. Green Maeng Da is also very popular for

the wellness support that it offers. However, red takes the lead when it comes to potency. White Maeng Da tends to be more subtle, while Yellow Maeng Da is rare and not offered by all kratom vendors. 


Red kratom powder typically has a coffee-like smell. This may be due to the relationship that kratom has with coffee. You will find that many kratom strains have a hint of coffee smell to them. 


Red Maeng Da is offered in extracts, capsules, and powders. Most people will go with powder because it is the cheapest option. Also, powders allow you to create your own extracts or capsules.  


Red Borneo Kratom is also very popular among users. You will find that kratom is named according to the color of the leaf’s vein and the area in which it comes from. So, in this case, Red Borneo would come from red-veined kratom and be native to the Borneo Islands. 

You will find this strain growing in the jungles and along the water. Some suggest that this helps enhance the potency of the leaf’s alkaloid content. Most online vendors will offer this strain. Both strains will offer similar support. We cannot discuss the types of support they offer, as you will need to consult your family physician for this. However, they do have very different alkaloid content that allows their support to vary. 

It all comes down to what you prefer. There is no right or wrong strain in the kratom world. What works for you may not be the ideal strain for someone else. However, always keep in mind that you must consult with your general practitioner before starting any new herbs or supplements. Red-veined kratom is the most mature form. 


We mentioned it above, but Red Borneo originates from the Borneo Islands. These Islands are part of Indonesia and are well known for their kratom crop. These Islands are also known for other strains including Indo, Hulu, and Horn Kratom.


Borneo comes in red vein, green vein, white vein, and yellow vein kratom. Each type will vary in the support that it offers. However, the origins will all be the same. Red is the most potent, while White offers subtle support. Green will fall in between, and Yellow tends to be rarer and not offered by all vendors. 


You will find that Red Borneo offers a pleasant aroma that is often preferred by kratom enthusiasts. It can be described as earthy as it has hints of a cut grass aroma. 


Red Borneo can be found in powders, capsules, and extracts. There are other forms of kratom on the market but these three tend to be the most popular. 

Comparison Of Red Maeng Da VS Red Borneo

It’s all a matter of preference when comparing these strains. Both are popular and known for their high alkaloid levels. You can get both of them in capsules, powders, or extracts. Most vendors will also offer both of these strains. So, it’s really up to you to decide which strain suits the support level that you are seeking. 

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Updated on January 29th, 2024

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