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How Much Does Kratom Cost At A Headshop?

How Much Does Kratom Cost At A Headshop?

As a consumer, you probably shop around before you make a purchase, and kratom is no exception. Knowing industry-standard pricing will help you find the best place to purchase from. Kratom is offered at many different shops, but how much does kratom cost at a headshop? You want to get products that are quality and have good pricing. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. 

So, this is why you must take the time to know how much kratom will cost not only in your local shops but also online. This will allow you to make the best choice of where to purchase your kratom

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What Is a Head Shop?

Head shops are similar to vape or smoke shops. Most areas will have a variety of each but all of them will have the same types of products. Products may include tobacco, hemp, vape supplies, CBD, kratom, kava, Delta 8, and much more. 

Most people cannot tell the difference between a head shop and a smoke shop. It will all depend on where you are located as to what type of products are available to you. You can expect to find alternative type products in these shops. 

How Much Does Kratom Cost At A Headshop?

How much kratom costs at a headshop is all going to depend on the products that are available and your location. As a nationwide average, kratom powder costs $50 per 30 grams (1.7 ounces). Here at our website, you can purchase 500 grams for $50. You can see just how much you can save by shopping online. 

Kratom capsules at a headshop will be even pricier. Capsules tend to have a higher price tag because they require more manufacturing. You are paying for the convenience. This is something that some kratom users are willing to pay. 

Pros And Cons Of Purchasing Kratom From A Headshop

It’s good to weigh all of your options before you make a purchase. This will allow you to get the highest quality kratom at the best prices. Here are just some of the pros and cons of buying from a local headshop


  1. Supporting local businesses is important. 
  2. Going into a shop allows you to develop a customer-retailer relationship. 
  3. Some shops will have a reward system or offer discounts. 


  1. The quality will not be as good as some vendors you can buy from online. 
  2. The pricing is going to be much higher when purchasing from a headshop. 
  3. You will not be able to make your purchase discreetly. 
  4. You have to physically go to the shop to pick up products. 
  5. Head shops will not conduct lab testing on their products. 

Why Is Kratom At A Headshop More Expensive?

Physical stores will have a lot of overhead that they have to contend with. They have to take into consideration payroll, utilities, rent, and much more. This is why products bought at a physical shop will be much higher than what you can buy online. 

Online shopping has hit an all-time high. Individuals like the convenience of having it delivered to their doorstep. You can also save a lot of money by buying your products online. This is true no matter what type of products you are looking to buy. 

Headshops may allow you to get your kratom right away, but it will come at a price. Also, you have to factor in the quality of kratom you are receiving. High-quality kratom is offered by trusted vendors who conduct lab testing on their products. This is something you will never find at a headshop. 

Buying From an Online Supplier

Now that you know the answer to, “how much does kratom cost at a headshop?” You may be wondering about ordering your kratom online. While the market is drenched with kratom vendors, not all of them will provide you with the quality kratom you are seeking. 

Here are a few checkpoints to make sure you buy from a quality online vendor.  

  1. Check that the vendor is part of the American Kratom Association. This organization has set up regulations for vendors to comply with. If you go with an AKA-approved vendor you will be accessing the highest quality kratom products in the industry. 
  2. Check out their reviews on third-party sites such as Google, Yelp, and Trust Pilot. This will give you an idea of how the company interacted with other customers. 
  3. Send an email to the company to make sure they reply to your questions promptly. If they do not, then you will want to find another vendor to buy from. 
  4. Ensure that the vendor conducts lab testing on their products. If they are AKA approved, they should be doing this. 

Advantages Of Buying Kratom Online

  1. Product Range – you will have access to a wide range of kratom products. There are hundreds of strains on the market and local shops will only offer a few select strains. Buying online gives you the chance to choose a strain rather than settle for what is on the shelf. 
  2. Lab Testing – Lab testing is important in the kratom industry. Since this industry is not regulated, you want to work only with vendors who can prove the purity and quality of their kratom. This is done through lab testing. 
  3. Pricing – Online vendors do not have the overhead cost that shopkeepers have to worry about. These savings are passed on to their customers. 
  4. Fresh Kratom – Online vendors tend to cycle through their products in a more timely manner meaning you will get fresh kratom when ordering. 


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Buying Kratom

Do your homework before you go to your local headshop and pick up kratom. You would be surprised how much you can save by going with an online vendor. We offer a large variety of kratom powders and capsules. If you have any questions, please let us know. We want to ensure that this blog has helped answer the question, “How much does kratom cost at a headshop?”

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