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How Much Kratom Fits In A 00 Capsule?

How Much Kratom Fits In A 00 Capsule?

While kratom powder is the most economical choice out of all kratom products, capsules tend to bring a convenience that a lot of users are seeking. So, to save some money a lot of kratom enthusiasts will make their own capsules. If you are new to the kratom world you may be wondering how much kratom fits in a 00 capsule. We will answer this question and much more!
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Kratom Capsule Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose to purchase kratom capsules or make your own. Either way, you are probably going with capsules because they are convenient. That tends to be the number one reason why users choose capsules over powder.
Capsules can be very affordable if you decide to make your own. In making this decision you may be wondering what supplies you would need to produce your very own kratom capsules at home.
You may have loads of questions surrounding capsules if this is your first time making them. Here we will address the most frequently asked questions in regards to making kratom capsules.

How Do I Make Kratom Capsules?

In a few easy steps, you can make your very own kratom capsules at a fraction of the price. While capsule making can be fun and rewarding, most kratom users will turn to this method to help them save some money.
First, you will need to choose the type of capsules you want to use. The most popular choices are Veggie and Gelatin.
  • Veggie Capsules – These capsules are made up of hypromellose, cellulose, and purified water, and there are no animal-derived ingredients.
  • Gelatin Capsules – These capsules will be cheaper and easier to use. These types of capsules may include beef, pork, or chicken byproducts that can include hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals fed to livestock. These types of capsules may not be great for an individual who has a lot of allergies. If you can afford it, we always recommend using veggie caps over gelatin.
Next, you will need to consider the capsule size. The size of the capsule will matter as it will determine how much kratom powder can be put into the capsule. A lot of people get confused with capsule sizing so let’s discuss each to give you a better understanding. Plus, it will allow us to talk about the main question being asked in this blog.

How Much Kratom Fits In A 00 Capsule?

As we mentioned above, the size of the capsule will determine the amount of powder that each capsule can house. 00 capsules are a standard size that is utilized by DIY capsule makers. This is not the largest size capsule on the market, but it will house approximately 1 gram of kratom powder if both ends are filled. The larger end should be able to hold 0.67 grams of powder, while the smaller end will house 0.33 grams of powder.
However, there are different techniques for filling capsules, so you may find individuals adding more or less. It will all depend on how much powder you want per capsule. Just know that a 00 capsule can hold a gram of powder. If you decide to put less, just be sure that you note how much powder is going in each capsule.

How Much Kratom Fits In A 000 Capsule?

A 000 capsule will be larger than a 00 capsule. However, research shows that this size of the capsule will hold over a gram. Most people will stick to a gram though, as they want to be able to know exactly how much is going in each capsule.

What Other Capsule Sizes Are Available?

Here is a quick rundown of capsule sizes that are available and how much powder each can hold. 000 is the largest capsule and 2 is the smallest.
  • Size 000 – Over a gram of kratom powder, but typically, users will only put one gram for easy measuring of their powder.
  • Size 00 – If both sides of the capsule are used, it can house one gram of kratom powder.
  • Size 0 – This size will house 0.5 grams of kratom powder.
  • Size 1 – This size will house 0.4 grams of kratom powder.
  • Size 2 – This size will house 0.3 grams of kratom powder.
Most kratom users will choose to work with 00 capsules. All of our capsules are 00 in size and house right at 1 gram of kratom powder. If you are unsure about making your own capsules you could start with a smaller size and work your way up. However, it is typically easier to fill a larger capsule than a small one.

How Much Do Empty Capsules Cost?

You can typically find a bag of 1,000 empty capsules for around $15. It will all depend on the vendor and the size you are seeking. However, this is a good estimate of what you would be spending on empty capsules to make your own.

How Should I Store My Empty Capsules?

You will want to be sure to store your capsules in an area that is dry and cool. Any moisture or extreme heat could cause the capsule to degrade. In this case, you may be unable to use them.
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If you are too busy to make your own kratom capsules we have you covered. You can buy your prefilled kratom capsules here on our website. You no longer have to wonder how much kratom fits in a 00 capsule as we have covered that topic in this blog. If you should have any other questions do not hesitate to reach out to us. In addition to our large line of kratom capsules, we also offer powders and extracts.
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