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Is Kratom Legal In Arkansas?

Is Kratom Legal In Arkansas?

Arkansas is a highly populated state. It is home to more than 8 million people. With such a big population you may be wondering, “Is kratom legal in Arkansas?” The answer may surprise you, as it is illegal to buy, sell, and possess kratom products in Arkansas. Let’s find out more about the legalities surrounding kratom in Arkansas. 

Kratom Legality Status In Arkansas

Kratom is illegal in all areas of Arkansas. This means you will not be able to find it for sale in local shops across the state. Including major cities such as Little Rock, Fayetteville, Hot Springs, Bentonville, and Fort Smith.

Arkansas is not alone when it comes to banning kratom. Other states such as Rhode Island and Alabama have also banned this herb from their state. If you are caught with kratom in Arkansas you could face criminal charges. Be aware that no online vendors will ship to areas where kratom has been banned. So, if you live in Arkansas you will not be able to buy kratom online or locally

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Classification Of Kratom In Arkansas

The kratom plant is native to Southeast Asia but has become popular in the USA. Now that you know the answer to, “Is kratom legal in Arkansas?” You may be wondering if this herb is classified. 

In 2017, there were claims made by a medical examiner stating that three deaths were linked to kratom. The physician responsible for the claims compared the alkaloids in kratom to opium. These claims cause the FDA to issue a nationwide warning and was the turning point for kratom in Arkansas. 

Lawmakers in Arkansas went with the FDA’s suggestion and placed kratom on the Schedule I Substance list. They classified kratom as an opium derivative alongside other dangerous drugs such as heroin, codeine, and morphine. 

Can You Order and Ship Kratom To Arkansas?

All online vendors will comply with state laws. So, no, kratom cannot be ordered online and shipped to your home in Arkansas. If you live in this state you are out of luck when it comes to accessing kratom. 

Can You Grow Kratom In Arkansas?

No, this too would be illegal. If you are caught growing kratom in Arkansas you could face criminal charges. Plus, kratom is very hard to grow, as the seedlings need to be planted a few days after leaving the host tree. 

The American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association is the main support system for kratom throughout the nation. They have made efforts to regulate the industry with their GMP protocols. To be endorsed by the AKA, a vendor must pass a strict third-party audit and adhere to all GMP regulations. 

The AKA has been successful in overturning kratom bans. They are also working to get all states to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which will address many issues within the industry. This includes age restrictions and proper labeling. 

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

The American Kratom Association is responsible for putting together the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. This act aims to address industry issues and make kratom safer for consumers. 

KCPA highlights include:

  • Proper labeling
  • Definition of Kratom
  • Age restrictions
  • Create penalties for those who violate regulations
  • Required registration to manufacture kratom

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We hope that this blog has answered the question, “Is kratom legal in Arkansas?” While we are not able to offer you kratom products if you live in Arkansas, we do aim to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the kratom industry. The future is bright for kratom, and there is a chance that the laws could change in Arkansas. Check back here often for updates. 

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Updated on January 29th, 2024

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