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Is Kratom Legal In New Hampshire?

Is Kratom Legal In New Hampshire?

A lot of people are preparing for summer vacations up the east coast. Around this time every year, we have customers asking about the legalities surrounding kratom. One question we are getting as of late is, “Is kratom legal in New Hampshire?” Yes, kratom is legal in all areas of New Hampshire except for Franklin. Let’s take a closer look at the legalities surrounding kratom in New Hampshire.

Kratom Legal Status In New Hampshire

The laws surrounding kratom can be tricky. This herb is not welcome in all areas across the nation and this has left kratom users wondering if kratom is legal in their state. New Hampshire allows kratom in all areas of the state except for Franklin.

This means you will be able to find it in popular cities such as Concord, Manchester, Nashua, Portsmouth, and Keene. Keep in mind that this state does have an age restriction on kratom. So, you must be 18 years or older to purchase and use kratom in New Hampshire.

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Classification Of Kratom In New Hampshire

Back in 2016, bill SB540 was introduced. This bill was introduced with the intent of banning kratom statewide. A meeting was held where kratom users attended to provide their support. In conclusion, New Hampshire decided to place an age restriction on kratom and keep it legal for those who are 18 or older.

However, in 2019, Franklin decided they did not want kratom in their area. As of March 2020, bill SM758 was introduced. However, this bill was not passed. It looks like New Hampshire may be willing to regulate the industry but are not willing to ban it statewide. This is great news for kratom users in this state. While you cannot buy or use kratom in Franklin, it is available in all other areas of New Hampshire.

Where Can You Buy Kratom In New Hampshire?

Locally you will be able to find kratom in smoke shops, vape shops, specialty shops, dispensaries, and some gas stations. However, you have to remember that not all kratom is created equally and you want to buy from a vendor who conducts lab testing on their products. You may find yourself gravitating towards buying your kratom products online.

If you are interested in trying some kratom from your local shops, give some of the shops listed below a try.

New Hampshire Kratom Vendors

Vape Shop 

  • 297 S Willow St, Manchester, NH 03103

Smokers Haven Manchester

  • 105 S Willow St, Manchester, NH 03103

Wild Side Smoke Shop

  • 1346 Elm St, Manchester, NH 03101


  • 291 Central Ave, Dover, NH 03820

Buying Kratom Wholesale

Like with any business you are going to want to spend some time researching the best vendors before choosing one. While you may be able to find some local vendors that offer bulk pricing on kratom, you are going to be better off going with an online vendor.

Online vendors tend to have higher quality kratom, larger selections to choose from, and they have better pricing. Weigh all of your options and make the best choice for your business. Be sure to go with a vendor who is part of the American Kratom Association, as they will offer the highest quality products.

Can You Find Kratom Plants For Sale In New Hampshire?

Kratom is a very hard plant to grow outside of its native country. For this reason, you are not going to find it for sale at any greenhouse.

Can You Grow Kratom In New Hampshire?

No, kratom requires a tropical climate and this is not something you will find in New Hampshire. You can try to grow kratom here but the seeds will need to be fresh when planted. This means that they need to go into the soil within a few days of leaving the host tree. This is going to be tricky because all kratom is native to Southeast Asia. Where there is a will, we are sure that there is a way. However, it is going to be very difficult to grow kratom anywhere in the United States.

Can I Buy and Ship Kratom To New Hampshire?

All online vendors will follow the laws of your state. So, if kratom is legal in your state you will be able to buy products online and have them shipped to your home. As far as New Hampshire goes, you will be able to ship kratom everywhere except for Franklin. Franklin has taken the steps to ban kratom and no online vendor will be able to ship to this area.

A lot of people prefer to buy their kratom online and have it shipped. Online vendors tend to have better pricing as they have less overhead than a physical shop. Also, vendors that sell online have a larger variety of strains for you to choose from. You never want to be stuck using a strain because that is all the vendor had to offer.

American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association has been a pillar for the kratom community. This organization has stepped in and helped when there were talks of bans across the nation. They have been very successful in all of their efforts.

To help improve the industry they have come up with GMP regulations. Any vendor who wishes to be endorsed by the AKA must comply with these regulations. In addition, they are working with each state to get them to adopt the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. Be sure you follow the AKA and offer your support when you can. They are a vital part of the kratom community.

Kratom Consumer Protection Act

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is well known for regulating the industry. The issue that lawmakers have with kratom is that it is not regulated. This act is designed to address several issues such as fines, proper labeling, and age restrictions. There are a few states that have already adopted this act including Nevada, Utah, Arizona, and Georgia. It is the American Kratom Association’s hope that all states will adopt this act and the need to ban kratom will be eliminated.

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