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Top 6 Plants That Are Similar To Kratom

Top 6 Plants That Are Similar To Kratom

If you live in an area where kratom has been banned you may be looking for plants that are similar to kratom. Kratom offers unique wellness support that is highly sought after. However, not all states allow kratom and this has left users looking for alternatives to kratom

Plants That Are Similar To Kratom

Here we have collected the top 6 plants that bear some similarities to kratom. You must know why you want to take kratom. This will help you find the best alternative. 

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Blue Lotus

This popular plant is native to Egypt. It is a type of water lily that was used in ancient Egypt. It was also documented as being used by the Mayans. You can find Blue Lotus growing on the Nile River. It is packed with properties that are similar to kratom and has been noted as being one of the best alternatives.  

The scientific name for Blue Lotus is Nymphaea Caerulea. This plant is noted as having aphrodisiac properties. Blue Lotus can be enjoyed via tea or some users also choose to smoke it. Users comment on Blue Lotus as having a calming effect and have also been utilized as a mood stabilizer. 


Kanna is native to South Africa and has been used for centuries to treat various ailments including decreasing anxiety, and relieving discomfort. This herb was first discovered in the 7th century and was known as Hottentots by tribal members. It has widely been used for medicinal purposes. 

The scientific name for Kanna is Sceletium Tortuosum. This plant is part of the Aizoaceae family and will flower. The chemical makeup of Kanna has been compared to kratom. You will find the main alkaloids for this plant are Mesembrine and Mesembrenone. It does not bear the legal issues that are seen with kratom, which makes it a top choice among those looking for alternatives. 


Akuamma has been used for years in the West African culture. This herb contains a robust alkaloid content, which is similar to kratom. It has been noted by users that Akuamma has a very strong taste and does not have the longevity that kratom does. 

The scientific name for Akuamma is Picralima Nitida. Again, this plant does not bear the legal issues that kratom does, so it is more accessible. However, it may not be the right herb for the reasons you need a supplement. Be certain that you contact your regular physician before starting any new supplements or herbs. They are the only ones who can medically advise you on these substances.

Mitragyna Hirsuta

Mitragyna Hirsuta is a top alternative for kratom. It does have a lot of similarities to kratom, which is ideal for those customers who are looking for an alternative. This plant shares the same genus as Mitragyna Speciosa. Mitragyna Hirsuta is known as “kra thum khok” and has small leaves. 

This plant has been compared to red vein kratom. However, it does not contain the same alkaloids that kratom does. Hirsuta is known to be less intense than kratom and a lot of users prefer it over kratom. It does last longer than kratom which is also another bonus for Mitragyna Hirsuta. 

Mitragyna Javanica

Mitragyna Javanica is another plant that is native to Southeast Asia. It comes from the Kra Thum Na tree. While it is not as potent as kratom it is a good alternative for those who are seeking wellness support. 

This herb does not have the same alkaloids as kratom. It contains similar compounds, which include Mitrahavine and 3-isoajmalicine. M Javanica became increasingly popular in Thailand when kratom was banned. 


This South Pacific Island plant is part of the pepper family. Its botanical name is Piper Mehystricum. The roots of the shrub are made into a paste that can be mixed with water or coconut milk. This herb also lacks proper research but does not have the legal issues that kratom does. 

Kratom works with the opioid receptors in your brain, whereas kava works with the limbic system. The active compounds in Kava are kavalactones. There are some studies available for kava, which show that this herb can help with anxiety and insomnia. However, long-term use of kava has been known to cause liver damage.  

shop kratom productsIf you live in an area where kratom has been banned you may want to try one of the alternatives that we mentioned above. There are loads of plants that are similar to kratom, but none are so closely related that they would do exactly what kratom has to offer. Here on our site, you will find high-quality kratom powders, capsules, and extracts.

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Updated on January 29th, 2024

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