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Red Vietnam Kratom Powder


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Red Vietnam Kratom Powder is one of the most unique strains of kratom you can find and one of the most popular. We are proud to offer this kratom, a strain that should be a part of any kratom lover’s collection and can now easily be yours direct from the hot and dense forests of Vietnam.

Red Vietnam – Strain Information

The people of Vietnam have been growing this strain of kratom for centuries to use their own traditions. As a kratom strain, it has an unusual balance of alkaloids that is not available in any other strain, which makes it very sought after in the kratom world. And while it has been established in Vietnam for quite some time, it’s a new strain on the worldwide kratom market, showing up only recently in the west and quickly becoming a popular strain.

Red Vietnam – What Is It?

Red-veined kratom leaves are left on the tree until they reach full maturity, they are harvested by skilled farmers and dried. Because of this, the concentrations found in red-veined kratom powders are some of the most potent, making strains like Red Vietnam strains that are best suited to those with more understanding of the world of kratom. The balance of alkaloids found in Red Vietnam is unique and is difficult to compare to other strains.

Why Buy Red Vietnam Kratom Powder From Us?

We are dedicated to bringing quality, pure kratom to our customers. To ensure this can happen, we have created relationships with the farmers who grow our kratom. We know how the kratom is treated at every step of the process, from growing and harvesting to drying and packaging. We are confident that the kratom you buy from us is some of the highest quality kratom, free of fillers and additives, that you can buy.

We are also an American Kratom Association accredited vendor. We follow the established guidelines of the AKA for product testing and packaging. All of our kratom products are tested by an independent laboratory to ensure safety and purity, then packaged in accordance with GMP protocols to make sure it stays free from contaminants and is fresh when it arrives at your door.

We also offer a guarantee with all of our products. You have 30 days to contact us for a refund.

How to Order Red Vietnam Kratom Powder?

Our Red Vietnam Kratom Powder is available in several quantities to suit your needs and budget. You can buy our kratom powder in bags of 50 to 1000 grams. All of our products are packaged in UV-proof, resealable bags to ensure freshness.

Similar Strains

While you will not find a kratom strain with the exact alkaloid concentration as Red Vietnam, there are strains out there that will get you close enough. So, if you are a fan of Red Vietnam, then give these other kratom powders a place in your kratom collection:

Red Maeng Da

Red Maeng Da has a following of kratom lovers all its own. A very popular strain, it’s easy to find and has a very robust alkaloid profile. It’s not a kratom for those new to the world of kratom because of its powerful alkaloids.

Red Bali

Red Bali is another very popular strain with a fanbase all its own. It too has a robust alkaloid profile with a balance that is unique to the strain. You can find this strain more easily than Red Vietnam, so it’s a good kratom to add to your list.

Red Borneo

Red Borneo isn’t as robust as Red Vietnam, but its alkaloid profile still has many devoted fans. Red Borneo is a good choice for those who may be more familiar with white or green-veined strains of kratom, as its alkaloids aren’t as intense in concentration as Red Vietnam.

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