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Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Capsules


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Our Yellow Maeng Da kratom capsules are special. Those who like it often describe it as a balance between white and yellow strains, with an alkaloid profile you simply cannot find in any other type of kratom.

Yellow Maeng Da – Strain Summary

Most people are used to seeing red, green, and white strains of kratom on the market. Yellow strains of kratom, including this strain, are often new to even the most seasoned kratom enthusiasts. It’s rising in popularity very fast and for many good reasons.

Yellow kratom, including this specialized strain, is one of the rarest you can find for sale. Yellow kratom is made by utilizing a special drying technique on the leaves after they are harvested, usually using white-veined and green-veined leaves. During this special drying process, the alkaloid profile and content shift to form something totally different that can’t be found in green or white kratom – only yellow.

Yellow Maeng Da – What Is It?

Created through the fermentation and drying processes honed in the forests of Thailand, this yellow-veined strain of kratom  is not a naturally-occurring color in the kratom world. A few extra steps after harvesting are what create the rich alkaloid profiles that many people describe as quite pungent. It is definitely not a kratom strain for newbies but is best left to those with more kratom experience.

Why Buy From Us?

You may think that all kratom is created equal but we think the kratom we have to offer is special. Why? Because it’s responsibly sourced from forests and jungles all over Southeast Asia. We know the farmers that harvest the leaves, the processes they use to dry or ferment them, and finally how it is ground up and packaged to be brought to your door.

We also operate under the guidelines of the American Kratom Association, which means we lab-test all of our kratom for quality and purity. We never use any fillers or additives in our products. We also believe that our quality kratom speaks so well for itself that we offer a 30-day guarantee on everything we sell.

We’re invested in bringing you quality kratom at a price you can afford. You won’t be disappointed.

Options to Buy Yellow Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

You can buy our kratom capsules in weights ranging in grams from 250 to 1000. 

The number of capsules in the bottle signifies the complete weight of the kratom. We use only standard size 00 capsules in the make of our products.

Strains Similar to Yellow Maeng Da

This yellow strain  offers a bit of everything from the alkaloid profile of white, red, and green kratom. That’s why it’s gaining popularity. However, it may be difficult to find, or you may wonder about expanding your kratom collection with similar strains. Some of the strains we think are comparable to the alkaloids found in this kratom strain include:

Green Maeng Da

The alkaloid profiles found in Green and Yellow Maeng Da are quite similar, which makes sense because they are linked together through the region in which they’re grown. Green Maeng Da has a bit of a gentler alkaloid profile, which makes it a good choice for those new to kratom.

Gold Bali

Another unique kratom strain, Gold Bali has a very similar and bright alkaloid profile that those experienced with yellow kratom are sure to love.

Red Maeng Da

A powerful alkaloid profile is what you find with this strain of kratom. It is like that found in yellow kratom strains, which stands to reason that it can make a suitable replacement if you need it to be. Of course, it may just be that you find you love it all on its own!

We want to provide you with the best, purest kratom that money can buy. That’s why we’re dedicated to our responsibly sourced and quality-tested kratom and bringing it conveniently to your doorstep. Buy our Yellow Maeng Da kratom capsules and you may be convinced that you don’t need to order from any other vendor.

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