Top 13 Places To Buy Kratom In Denver

Top 13 Places To Buy Kratom In Denver

Kratom is not your typical herb. It has gained a lot of negative press, which has users wondering where they can buy kratom in Denver. While the state of Colorado allows kratom, Monument and Parker have banned this herb from their towns. In addition, Denver officials have made it a law that all vendors must label their kratom, not for human consumption. 

These restrictions have not deterred vendors from offering kratom in the Denver area. In this guide, we will give you 13 different shops that offer kratom. We also aim to help you understand more about the legalities surrounding kratom in Denver. 

Best Kratom shops in Denver

Kratom is offered in smoke shops, vape shops, dispensaries, herbal shops, and some gas stations. It will heavily depend on your location and what is available to you. If you live remotely, you have the option to buy your kratom online and have it shipped to your home in Denver. Keep in mind that all online vendors will comply with the laws. So, you will not be able to have kratom shipped to a home in Monument or Parker. 

#1 Mile High Botanicals

Address: 1540 S Holly St #5, Denver, CO 80222

Google Rating: 5.0

If you are looking for a wide selection of strains you will want to stop by the Mile High Botanicals shop. They offer more than 50 strains, which allows you to choose a product that will suit your needs. This is a major bonus as you typically do not find local vendors who offer this many different varieties of kratom. In fact, in reviews that we read from this shop, customers are willing to drive the distance to come to get their kratom from Mile High Botanicals. 

#2 Clean Kratom Denver

Address: 258 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203

Google Rating: 4.9

No matter what form of kratom you are looking for you will find it at Clean Kratom. They offer capsules, powders, tablets, and extracts. This shop is known to be one of the biggest kratom dispensaries in Denver. Best of all, you can order online and pick it up in the shop. This will save you some time when your schedule is tight. 

#3 Smoked out Smoke Shop Accessories

Address: 1311 W Alameda Ave, Denver, CO 80223

Google Rating: 4.9

Smoked Out contains an extensive line of products, which includes pipes, kratom, lighters, grinders, trays, scales, and much more. You are sure to find the staff friendly and helpful as you shop their selection. They are noted as having outstanding prices and offer top brands. 

#4 Vitality Botanicals Kratom Supply

Address: 1111 Broadway #408, Denver, CO 80203

Google Rating: 4.9

Vitality Botanicals has a large product line. They get their kratom from a small family-owned farm in Indonesia. This means that you will be getting very high-quality kratom. They also offer a small line of CBD products. However, this is where their product offerings stop. So, this shop is all about kratom, which is ideal for those customers wanting to buy kratom in Denver. 

#5 Broadway Smoke Shop

Address: 108 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209

Google Rating: 4.8

You will find a huge variety of products when visiting Broadway Smoke Shop. They offer pipes, grinders, hookahs, coals, shisha, incense, T-shirts, papers, wraps, detox products, kratom, and much more. This shop has made a stand that they offer the cheapest prices in Denver. If you can find someone offering a product lower than their prices, they are willing to price match. In addition to working with retail customers, they also offer wholesale. So, if you are looking to offer your customers kratom, this may be a supplier for your products. 

#6 Royal Pipes and Hookahs 

Address: 4857, 4857, 10890 E Dartmouth Ave, Denver, CO 80014

Google Rating: 4.8

Royal Pipes and Hookah is well known for their customer support. Their friendly staff is always willing to go the extra mile to help their customers. You will find a variety of products in this shop, which includes vape supplies, kratom, CBD, hookah, pipes, and much more.

#7 Quality Pipes & Tobacco

Address: 1842 S Parker Rd Unit 19, Denver, CO 80231 

Google Rating: 4.8

Quality Pipes & Tobacco is well known in the Denver area. Customers rave about the high-quality kratom they offer. You will also find glassware, CBD, hookah, vape products, and tobacco products. Be sure to stop by to check out their large range of kratom strains. 

#8 Denver Vape Pipe & Tobacco

Address: 1014 S Federal Blvd, Denver, CO 80219

Google Rating: 4.7

Denver Vape Pipe and Tobacco offers vape supplies, kratom, tobacco products, grinders, scales, bongs, pipes, nectar collectors, and much more. They take great pride in offering quality kratom to their customers. If you ever have any questions the staff is ready to assist you. If you want high-quality kratom from a local shop in Denver this is the place you want to go. 

#9 Headed West

Address: 4811 S Broadway, Englewood, CO 80113

Google Rating: 4.7

Headed West has an extensive line of products which includes vape supplies, glass pipes, detox products, and much more. They carry 5 kratom brands, including Urban Ice Organics, OPMS, Choice Botanicals, and Remarkable Herbs. This allows you the choice of which brand you want to buy. Most shops do not carry this many different brands of kratom, so it is a great chance for you to find a brand that you love. 

#10 Colorado Kratom Connection CKC 303

Address: 128 W 11th Ave, Denver, CO 80204

Google Rating: 4.7

CKC is a busy shop that offers kratom that is consistent in potency. This is a major bonus for kratom users, as it is hard to find kratom that will provide you with consistent results. They also offer several other products which include pipes, hemp rolling papers, and pocket-size scales. This is a great shop for kratom enthusiasts as they primarily focus on just kratom products. 

#11 The Bomb Head Shop

5 Locations:

  • 5042 Federal Blvd. Denver Co. 80221 
  • 4815 E. Colfax Ave. Denver Co. 80220 
  • 3431 S. Federal Blvd. Englewood Co. 80110 
  • 4343 S. Buckley Rd. Aurora Co. 80015 
  • 5210 Broadway Denver Co. 80216

Google Rating: 4.5

The Bomb Head Shop has a large product line that includes kratom, glassware, vape supplies, and CBD. Best of all, this shop has 5 different locations throughout Colorado that you can visit. This is perfect for those who travel and need a shop that offers consistency when it comes to product lines. You are never very far from a Bomb Head shop. In addition, you can always shop their website and have it delivered to your doorstep. 

#12 Myxed Up Creations

Address: 5800 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220

Google Rating: 4.5

Myxed Up Creations offers glass pipes, water pipes, vape products, rolling papers, hookah, kratom, and CBD. If you are looking for a novelty gift you can find loads of zany tees and candles here. There are loads of reviews for this shop from happy customers. Stop by and see what Myxed Up Creations has to offer you. 

#13 Purple Haze Smoke Shop

Four Locations: 

  • 2017 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206
  • 1777 Larimer St Unit 102 B, Denver, CO 80202
  • 1355 Santa Fe Dr. Unit C, Denver, CO 80204
  • 1951 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210

Google Rating: 4.4

Purple Haze has many locations in Denver. They have a total of 7 locations but we have only listed the ones offered in Denver. You will find a variety of products here including glassware, tobacco products, vape supplies, papers, wraps, apparel, kratom, CBD, and much more.

Is Kratom legal in Denver?

Kratom is offered in all areas of Colorado except for Parker and Monument. In addition, Denver officials have made it a law that vendors must add a label to their kratom products that it is not for human consumption. 

This new label also restricts kratom vendors from recommending or giving any type of advice surrounding kratom. The Denver Department of Public Health and Environment put these restrictions in place because there were several deaths where kratom was found in the deceased system. However, it has never been proven that kratom was linked to any deaths, as the deceased also had other substances in their system. Parker voted in 2019 to banned kratom and Monument followed a month after. 

Buying Kratom Online

There are loads of places that you can go to in Denver and pick up kratom. However, you may live in an area where there are not very many shops. In this case, you will want to order your kratom online. 

Ordering kratom online comes with advantages. Typically, online kratom vendors will offer better pricing because they do not have the overhead that shopkeepers have. In addition, they will also offer higher quality kratom. 

Many online vendors go the extra mile to be endorsed by the American Kratom Association. This association has put in place GMP protocols for vendors to comply with. Also, they require that all vendors conduct lab testing on their products to prove their purity and quality. 

This is a major issue for the kratom market. The market lacks regulations and this is why online vendors go the extra mile to become endorsed by the AKA. Also, online vendors offer a larger variety of strain options. This may be a bonus for those who are looking for a specific product. 

Lastly, you have the convenience of shopping online and having it delivered to your home. Everyone shops online these days. This gives you the ability to keep your kratom purchase under wraps if it is something you do not want to share with others. 

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