Does Kratom Go Bad?

Does Kratom Go Bad?

Kratom is a popular herb from Southeast Asia that is getting a lot of attention here in the United States. This herb provides overall support and is often bought in bulk. One question that our customers often ask us is, “Does kratom go bad?” This is an excellent question that deserves some exploration. Let’s talk more about kratom disintegration, kratom shelf life, and kratom expiration.

Does Kratom Expire?

Kratom, like everything else, does expire. It is a plant and contains living matter allowing it to naturally decay over time. However, when kratom is properly dried and preserved it can last a long time.

You will want to think of kratom like other kitchen herbs. A lot of people are not aware that store-bought spices do have an expiration on them. However, if they are well dried and correctly preserved then they can last for years.

Herbs that have surpassed their shelf-life will taste stale and unpleasant. You can expect the same thing from kratom. While kratom that has surpassed its shelf-life will not harm you, it will not be as potent as it was during its use-by date. It will more than likely have a different aroma and may not look the same as it once did. These are all signs that your kratom has gone out of date.

If kratom is exposed to the air for large amounts of time it will begin to break down the alkaloids causing it to lose potency.

How Long Does Kratom Last?

Several factors play into how long your kratom will last. Here are just some of the things that you have to consider:

  • Kratom strain.
  • How was your kratom preserved?
  • The temperature, light, and humidity levels during storage.
  • Consider the type of container that is being used to store your kratom.
  • Quality of your kratom.

In optimal conditions, kratom powder should last one to three months. The fresher that your kratom is when you receive it, the better. So, you should only buy enough kratom to last you a few months. Do not try to stockpile kratom, as it could lead to you throwing away a lot of stale products.

For kratom extracts and capsules, the manufacturing process will vary. There should be information on each product that you purchase. It would have your use-by date and how to store it. Be sure that you follow these guidelines so you are using fresh kratom that is potent.

When Kratom Does Expire, Can It Harm Me?

Like other products that expire, kratom that has surpassed its use-by date will not harm you. However, it will lose some of its potency. So, you may notice that expired kratom does not offer you the same support as it does when it is fresh.

If your kratom has reached its expiry date and you notice mold, that smells different or looks different, you will need to throw your kratom away. Mold can make you very sick and you do not want to take chances on a product that looks different than it once did.

Any kratom that has been exposed to moisture will need to be thrown away. Moisture can lead to mold. You may not always see mold so do not risk it. If your kratom has been exposed to moisture just take the precaution and throw it away.

How Can I Best Preserve and Store My Kratom?

You would store your kratom like you would any fine herb or tea leaves. To keep kratom fresh, follow these steps when storing.

  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Do not refrigerate or freeze your kratom as this will introduce moisture and promote mold growth.
  • Keep kratom out of direct UV light.
  • Be sure to choose a container that is airtight to minimize oxygen exposure.
  • Only buy kratom from a trusted retailer who is a part of the American Kratom Association.
  • Never mix old kratom with new kratom. Be sure to keep it in separate containers so the oldest kratom can be used first.

Buy Your Kratom From a Trusted Source

Here at Organic Kratom USA we ensure quality through our lab testing and being an active part of the American Kratom Association. We adhere to all GMP regulations allowing us to provide the highest quality kratom on the market.

If you want your kratom to stay fresh you want to be sure you are buying from a trusted vendor who offers high-quality products. This will ensure your kratom is potent and enable you to have your products for longer periods of time.

While proper storage of your kratom is so important, buying from a trusted retailer can prove to be just as vital. When you work with a retailer who has high-quality kratom they will be rotating their stock regularly ensuring that their products are fresh and long-lasting. We hope this blog has helped answer the question, “Does Kratom Go Bad?”

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