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White Horn Kratom Powder


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In the world of white-veined kratom strains, White Horn Kratom Powder stands alone as a rare offering, growing in popularity. With an unmatched alkaloid content, White Horn Kratom is a strain that is high in demand and happily offered by our brand.

White Horn Kratom – Strain Overview

What makes White Horn Kratom so unique? It’s the leaves!

This strain of kratom has unique leaves with small, spiky edges that resemble horns. While most kratom strains are named after the geographical location in which they’re cultivated, White Horn is the outlier in its moniker.

White Horn Kratom is naturally grown in the West Kalimantan region of Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia. However, the popularity of this strain has allowed its cultivation in other areas across Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

White Horn Kratom – What Is It?

The alkaloid profiles of kratom leaves are determined in part by the time they are harvested. White-veined varieties such as White Horn are harvested when the leaves are still fairly young and still have white veins in the leaves themselves, hence the name. When White Horn is harvested, the farmers wash the leaves and then begin the fermentation process, where the leaves are placed in a bag and placed in a dark room. This works to modify the alkaloid content before the leaves are dried, creating a unique alkaloid content.

Why Buy From Us?

We invest a lot of time in making sure we offer quality kratom to our customers. This starts with the relationships we’ve established with kratom farmers in Southeast Asia, allowing us to have inside knowledge about the way the kratom is grown and harvested to ensure quality and responsible growing practices.

As an American Kratom Association-approved vendor, we work hard to ensure the quality, purity, and safety of all the kratom we sell. We never add in any fillers or additives and run all our kratom through vigorous testing at independent laboratories. You can rest easy knowing that the kratom you purchase from our website meets our high standards.

We know you’ll be satisfied with the kratom you buy, but we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not.

How to Buy White Horn Kratom Powder

If you’re looking to add our White Horn Kratom Powder to your collection, you have several options to do so. We offer it in quantities starting at 50 grams and going up to 1000 grams. We packaged all of our kratom powder under GMP protocols to ensure freshness and purity.

Similar Strains

If you like White Horn Kratom Powder, then you may be wondering what other strains of kratom may be out there for you? The great thing about the world of kratom is that the options are seemingly endless and you can find kratom that is similar in alkaloid content to your favorite strains. Those most similar to White Horn include:

White Borneo

As a white-veined kratom strain, the alkaloid balance found in White Borneo is very similar to that found in White Horn. It makes sense since they are both from similar regions and fed by the same rich soil. There are slight differences, but you will find this is a great strain to add to your collection.

White Maeng Da

Maeng Da kratom in general is a kratom that is best suited to those with more experience, but it’s also a great kratom to add to a collection. It’s very popular with kratom enthusiasts and has an alkaloid profile you can appreciate as a fan of White Horn Kratom.

White Indo

Finally, White Indo is a strain very similar to both White Horn and White Borneo, but with slight differences that anyone who loves kratom can understand.

Ready to get your hands on White Horn Kratom Powder? Order from us today!

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