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What Does Kratom Smell Like?

What Does Kratom Smell Like?

You can tell the quality of your kratom by smelling it. Loads of people are always asking, “What does kratom smell like?” The answer is going to vary according to the strain. However, in this guide, we are going to explore the various smells of kratom. This will give you the best understanding of this herb and also help you know if the kratom you are receiving is fresh.

How Does Kratom Powder Smell?

The aroma of kratom will be determined by the strain, as well as the quality of kratom you are purchasing. Kratom mimics the smell of green tea. It has a very natural smell to it, which can be noted as earthy. Some even feel like the smell of kratom is a bit pungent but would not mark it as offensive.

Green kratom strains have a more potent smell than red, white, and yellow vein varieties. Maeng Da and Malay tend to be the most potent when it comes to smell. You will notice that kratom has a very herbal aroma. Green strains are very earthy in comparison to red strains.

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Will Kratom Cause Your Body To Smell?

There are no real studies that mention the aroma of kratom, which means you have only anecdotal reports to depend on. Never take this type of advice as safe, as it is just reporting from other users. There is no scientific research that says anything about the aroma of kratom.

There are some anecdotal reports that mention you may experience body odor. Most state this after prolonged use of kratom. People mention that kratom can cause you to have an unpleasant smell. However, there is no research that proves this to be true. These are just user reports, which should not be perceived as safe advice.

There is a chance that kratom powder could cause you to have an odor, but these chances are slim. More research is needed to completely understand how kratom affects the body.

Will Kratom Affect The Smell Of Your Urine?

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that says that kratom can cause your urine to smell. There is a possibility that concentrated levels of kratom could cause your urine to smell. However, there is no concrete evidence.

Some people notice that when they drink coffee their urine has a faint smell. So, it is not unheard of. You may notice an odor in your urine but this is not something that others have reported.

Will Kratom Cause Your Breath To Smell?

There is some anecdotal reporting from users that say that kratom caused their breath to have a bad odor. A dry mouth is typically associated with bad breath. Kratom users often report that they have dry mouths. Again, there is no scientific proof that shows kratom causes bad breath.

The Aroma Of Kratom and Its Quality

As we mentioned above, the smell of your kratom can be an indication of the quality. Always smell your kratom when you receive it and before use. If your powder has any slight variation of smell that is not normal, then you should not use it. A funky smell could indicate that your kratom has gone bad.

Always get in the habit of smelling your kratom. If it does not smell right then you need to dispose of it. Never use kratom that has a funky smell or different appearance. If you have a vendor that you typically buy from and you notice that your kratom powder smells different, contact the vendor to let them know. You only want to work with high-quality vendors who conduct lab testing on their products.

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Updated on January 29th, 2024

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