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A Comparison of Red vs Green vs White Kratom

Red vs Green vs White Kratom

Every strain and color of kratom you’ve come to know and love comes from the same source: the kratom tree, or Mitragyna speciosa tree if you’re feeling fancy. When you get into discussing red vs green vs white kratom, it’s important to know that they all come from the same type of plant, even though there are subtle differences to be found between the vein colors.

Here’s a breakdown of the differences between red, green, and white-veined kratom to help you understand a little more about them as you pursue the strain that is right for you.

Different Kratom Vein Colors

There is a plethora of different kratom strains out there. They are usually named after the place where the kratom was cultivated and the vein color of the leaves when harvested. So, White Bali kratom is a white-veined variety that originated in Bali. Red Thai kratom is a kratom strain that originated in Thailand and is made from red-veined leaves. You get the picture.

There are several colors of kratom out there, but the big three are white, green, and red. All three of these derive from the kratom tree but are different in color because of the point at which they were harvested.

There are two main alkaloids in kratom: 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. The levels of these alkaloids vary depending on the color of the kratom vein and are found in different concentrations in each strain that are impacted by color. Alkaloid concentrations can also be affected by the time of year the kratom was harvested, the conditions the plant was grown in, and even the composition of the soil.

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White Veined Kratom

White-veined kratom varieties are harvested while the leaves are still relatively young and then set out to dry. This creates a subtle alkaloid profile that is unique to the white variety, higher in 7-hydroxymitragynine. This is a very popular kratom strain for those new to kratom because it allows people to dip their toes in the kratom pond to find out more about the alkaloids in the plant.

Green-Veined Kratom

Kratom with green veins is known for its very balanced alkaloid profile, a perfect midway point between white-veined kratom and red-veined kratom.

This type of kratom is produced by harvesting the leaves of the tree after the budding is finished but before the leaves have reached full maturity. This is what helps to create the vibrant color of green kratom.

Red-Veined Kratom

Kratom with veins red in color is produced when the kratom leaves are harvested at their full maturity. When they are harvested, the leaves have begun to direct less energy toward the tree to retain it for themselves, causing a chemical change in the leaves that influences how the alkaloids are balanced.

The robust alkaloid profile of this type of kratom makes it very popular. The alkaloid mitragynine is high in this color of kratom. It is often considered most appropriate for those who have experience with kratom and not those new to it.

Other Colors of Kratom

Another color of kratom you may typically see with white, green, and red-veined varieties is yellow kratom. It’s a good idea to talk a little about what yellow-veined kratom is and how it’s made.

Yellow-veined kratom mostly comes from Thailand and Vietnam, where small batches of older leaves with mature alkaloids are processed. The leaves are first put on drying racks and left for several days in the direct sunlight. The chemical that causes the leaves to be green, chlorophyll, begins to turn yellow in the direct rays of the sun. After the leaves dry, they are ground to produce what is known as yellow kratom. Yellow is not a naturally occurring kratom vein color but is produced through this process. It’s known to have a fairly intense alkaloid profile and is best for more experienced kratom fans.

Buying Options

You can buy different kratom strains and varieties from our website in powder form or capsule form — red, green, white, and yellow from across Southeast Asia. We also have a variety of packs so you can discover more of what each type of kratom has to offer along with kratom extracts. You can even create your own blend to help you explore which color of kratom, or combination of colors, works for you.

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Which Kratom Strain is Right For You?

Now that you are armed with more knowledge about the different colors of kratom, it’s going to be a lot easier to find the perfect strain of kratom for you and the perfect balance of alkaloids for your lifestyle.

We are proud to offer our AKA-accredited kratom in all colors and varieties. You can find the most popular strains as well as a few that may be new to you. Now that you know the facts of red vs green vs white kratom, you can make an educated choice about the kratom that is right for you. 

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Updated on January 29th, 2024

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