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Green JongKong Kratom Powder


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Green JongKong Kratom Powder

When you’re in the market for Green JongKong Kratom powder, then Organic Kratom USA has what you’re looking for! We are one of the few vendors that offer this unique kratom strain, so make sure to grab some of this popular but rare strain for your kratom collection.

Green JongKong Kratom – Strain Information

This may be the first you’re hearing of Green JongKong Kratom and if it is, you are not alone! While this strain of kratom is popular in other parts of the world, is relatively new to the shore of the United States, and not many people know about it. Online vendors like Organic Kratom USA have now begun to offer this unique kratom strain to help meet the growing demand. Sourced directly from the Indonesia region it’s named after, JongKong, it’s got a potent alkaloid profile that is hard to forget!

If you love exclusive kratom strains like Green Horn, then Green JongKong should be on your radar!

Green JongKong Kratom – What Is It?

Green JongKong Kratom can be thought of as a kind of like Green Horn Kratom’s younger sibling. It comes from the Kapuas River valley, the same as Green Horn, where the soil and the waters contribute to this kratom’s alkaloid profile.

The tree that this strain of kratom grows on has horns on its leaves and bark, which gives it an intimidating look. But it is the horns that many think contribute to how special this kratom is and how distinctive its alkaloid profile is as well. This particular strain is sort of like a hybrid of red and white with an alkaloid profile right in the middle of the two that many love.

Why Buy From Organic Kratom USA?

At Organic Kratom USA, we’re invested in the entire process kratom goes through before it ever reaches your hands. We have established relationships with farmers in Southeast Asia, which allows us to understand the techniques they use to cultivate and harvest the kratom we offer and to provide our customers with unique strains such as JongKong kratom.

As an AKA-accredited vendor, we follow the rigorous guidelines set forth by the American Kratom Association to ensure quality and purity in all the kratom we sell. Our kratom is lab-tested to ensure it’s safe and free from contaminants, we also never use fillers or additives in our kratom. When you shop with us, you’re getting nothing but a quality product we stand behind 100%.

How to Buy Green JongKong Kratom Powder

Our Green JongKong Kratom powder is available in a variety of weights to help you get what you need. You can order as little as 50 grams or as much as 1 kilogram. All of our kratom products are packaged in GMP-approved packaging to help ensure it stays fresh and free from contamination.

Strains Like Green JongKong Kratom

While you can certainly find Green JongKong kratom when you want it from Organic Kratom USA, it’s always a good idea to broaden your kratom horizons. If you enjoy this strain of kratom, then you may want to explore these as well:

Green Maeng Da

Maeng Da kratom is a very popular kratom strain, likely because it has such a robust kratom profile. If you like green kratom, then stick with Green Maeng Da to strike the right balance between red and white strains.

Green Horn Kratom

Another distinctive kratom that comes from the same region as JongKong, you’ll find a similar alkaloid profile in this strain. Just be warned, it can be difficult to find as well since it’s popular!

Red Borneo Kratom

Even though this is a red strain of kratom, it is most like Green JongKong in its alkaloid profile. This is because the leaves are left on the tree for longer before being harvested so the alkaloids have the time they need to mature and produce a similar experience.

At Organic Kratom USA, our Green JongKong Kratom powder is backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. So, order this distinctive strain today!

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